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A vape store is warned by Shenzhen Tobacco Control Office

Incorrect no smoking banner in physical stores will lead to fines and tickets


Shenzhen Tobacco Control Office launched a special action on e-cigarettes on May 30, 2020, and a physical store in Nanshan District, Shenzhen got a warning notice. The notice says that the shop owner is about to be fined for not having put up the correct banner of No Tobacco Sales to Minors.

A vape store is warned by Shenzhen Tobacco Control Office

Although the content of the no-smoking notice posted in the store did not meet the requirements of the tobacco control regulations, it was still in the policy buffer period, which is 1 year. And this new regulation rule will be effective in October 2020, so the physical shop store didn’t get fined of 2000 yuan immediately.

Xiong Jingfan, the technical officer of the Shenzhen Smoke-Free City Project, said, “The standardized logo must first state that it is prohibited to sell cigarettes & e-cigarettes to minors. In addition, we have specifically added a logo containing e-cigarettes. Meanwhile, according to the requirements, there must be a phone call number to report complaints and warning signs. This is a standard rule. “

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