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U.S. mail ban forces e-cigarette stores to close


According to foreign reports, the United States “prevent the online sale of e-cigarettes to children act” (PACT) forced many companies to stop online sales in the United States, or even completely stop operations. The e-cigarette stores that recently announced the termination of business include upgraded vaping in Houston, Texas, and vape spot in Los Angeles, California.

Earlier, security, durasmoke’s parent company, announced a merger with vapindirect to maintain its business. Logic will terminate all online sales on March 16. White cloud electronic cigarettes said it will terminate all AOL sales on March 26. Vapewild and vistavape also announced that they would close their stores.

Even overseas companies have reported that the supply chain of e-cigarettes has been disrupted due to the US mail ban.

Gregory Conley, President of the electronic cigarette Association of the United States, said that if the increase in transportation costs is not enough, the bill will also bring heavy paperwork to small retailers, backed by the threat of even being jailed for innocent mistakes. This is not a law aimed at regulating the sale of electronic cigarette products to adults through mail order, but an attempt to eliminate it.

From March 28, 2021, the law requires all recipients of e-cigarette products purchased online to show their ID and sign for delivery. The U.S. Postal Service’s ban on e-cigarette products will take effect on April 27, 2021.

After this date, customers will no longer be able to receive e-cigarettes through USPS delivery.

Many private transportation companies (usually relying on USPS for so-called last mile delivery) will no longer deliver e-cigarettes.

UPS spokesman Matthew O’Connor said that with effect from April 5, 2021, ups will not be able to ship e-cigarette products to or from the United States due to the increased complexity of shipping these products.

FedEx has stopped accepting the delivery of e-cigarette products on March 1, 2021. DHL has previously banned the transportation of all nicotine containing products and has now terminated the transportation of all cannabis electronic aerosol products.

Michelle Minton, a senior researcher on consumer policy at the Institute of competitive enterprises, wrote in the national review that the mail ban by U.S. post will promote the sale of traditional cigarettes.

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