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Twitter Analysis Looks Into The Perceptions of Heart Health Risks Associated With Juul


The study, “JUUL the heartbreaker: Twitter analysis of cardiovascular health perceptions of vaping,” examined the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and brain health perceptions of vaping and JUUL on Twitter, followed by a content analysis of tweets related only to the cardiovascular risks.

Most posts contained flavour-related terms and positive associations with heart health.

About 6.2 million publicly available tweets from 2015–2019 that contained vaping-related terms were scanned by two coders, together with a separate dataset of about 1.9 million tweets that contained the term JUUL.

The compiled data indicated that the majority of tweets containing JUUL-related terms did not contain cardiovascular, pulmonary, or brain health terms (97.99% and 96.67%, respectively). Most posts contained flavour-related terms and positive associations with heart health.

“The cardiovascular health risks of vaping are not fully recognized by the public. Vulnerable populations such as youth and females reference JUUL with cardiovascular-related words that downplay the severity of tobacco as a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease,” concluded the researchers.

Switching from smoking to vaping improves markers of heart health

Meanwhile, a 2019 study by researchers from Britain’s Dundee University, found that chronic smokers who rapidly switched from smoking to vaping, saw a significant improvement in markers of heart health after just a month.

“By switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes we found an average percentage point improvement of 1.5 within just one month,” said professor of cardiovascular medicine and therapeutics at Britain’s Dundee University, Jacob George, in a briefing about the study. “And to put that into context, each percentage point improvement in vascular function results in a 13% reduction in cardiovascular event rates, such as heart attack.”

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