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The Vape Shop Hong Kong brief introduction – Vape shop Hong Kong price


The Vape Shop Hong Kong is the best well-know vape shop in Hong Kong. This shop sells all kinds of vape products and e-liquids at a reasonable price.

Here are the main product categories from the Vape Shop Hong Kong:


The author counted all the products from this shop, and the total product number of Vape Shop Hong Kong is around 500.

The main products it sells are e liquids, over 300 kinds of e-liquids are available there. The best-sellers are between 100 HKD – 200 HKD, that is, 10 USD – 25 USD per product.

And the second hot-selling category is the starter kits with over 50 kinds of vape device products for choices. The best-sellers are between 300 HKD – 400 HKD, that is, 40 USD – 50 USD per product.

After calculation, you’ll need to spend around 50 USD – 75 USD to enjoy a full vaping experience.

When asked about the Relx, this shop replied, “Hong Kong has made all nicotine eliquid illegal so any products containing nicotine (e.g. Juul Pods, Relx Pods, etc.) are allowed here so we’re unable to sell them.
We do have quite a lot of refillable pod vapes available though if you want to check them out on our page on our website.”

And here is the way to get in touch with this shop:

Observing from this, the Vape Shop Hong Kong has 3 shops available for local Hong Kong vapers, which proves the shop owner is serious and professional in the vape business.

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A vape shop selling all kinds of e-liquids and pod/mod vapes in Hong KongThe Vape Shop Hong Kong brief introduction - Vape shop Hong Kong price