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The study found that e-cigarettes did not increase the total nicotine use of adolescents


According to global news, recently, the Canadian Association cited a study on e-cigarettes among young people, saying that the average age of users of e-cigarettes is higher than that of traditional smokers. Therefore, e-cigarettes do not increase the total amount of nicotine used by teenagers. The Canadian Association also condemned the long-term dissemination of misinformation by anti electronic cigarette agencies to mislead young people, resulting in more people turning to traditional cigarettes.

The following is the full text:

The Canadian electronic cigarette Association (CVA) has been condemning the use of steam products by young people and non-smokers, and has repeatedly advocated the development of regulations to limit the use of steam products by young people. However, we are concerned that anti e-cigarette gangs and some government officials continue to mislead young people because they mislead the moral movement against e-cigarettes. Smokers around the world continue to die as these groups attack the world’s largest harm reduction tool and because of persistent misinformation from these groups.

Despite repeated refutations by e-cigarette advocates of false statistics on young people’s e-cigarettes, anti-e-cigarette agencies still ignore the facts. The study “e-cigarettes, nicotine use trends and the starting age of American teenagers from 1999 to 2018” further proves that the rise of the e-cigarette industry has not caused significant harm to adolescents. In fact, research has found that atomization can actually prevent harm to young people by transitioning nicotine use to less hazardous delivery systems.

The study concluded: “between 2010 and 2018, e-cigarettes may offset regular smoking among American adolescents by maintaining the overall prevalence of nicotine use and diverting it from more hazardous conventional smoking. In addition, e-cigarette users appear to be older than traditional smokers, which is associated with a lower risk. “

“I want to make it clear that our organization believes that young people and non-smokers are prohibited from using e-cigarettes, and we have repeatedly proposed a series of measures to legislators to prevent young people from being ingested. Studies have become increasingly clear that there is no youth epidemic. This misconception is only the result of a large amount of misinformation, such as that spread as a result of the Hammond study, which needs to be revised recently. A balance of regulations must be maintained to continue to minimize the intake of young people, while still ensuring that millions of adult smokers can use e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are almost twice as effective as other nicotine substitutes, and reproducible peer-reviewed medical studies have shown that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than smoking. “

In general, Canada has put in place sensible regulations on atomization, balancing the protection of adolescents and the needs of adult smokers, but Nova Scotia’s misleading policies have failed adult smokers, and Prince Edward Island will make the same mistake. The CVA urges these governments to review research and adverse policies that harm adult smokers in the province.

Research shows that young people try to smoke mainly out of curiosity, anxiety and peer encouragement. The solution to eliminate smoking among young people is not to restrict the entry of adults who want to improve their health, but to take a variety of measures to eliminate non age restricted entry points, increase education, and prohibit the promotion of products outside adult only places.

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