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VOOPOO Unveils DRAG M100S: The Latest Innovation in MOD Devices


Introduction to DRAG M100S: On 8th May, VOOPOO officially released the DRAG M100S, an innovative single-battery MOD device with a maximum power output of 100W, based on the DRAG 4 series. This new device features the leakproof top airflow UFORCE-L TANK with PnP Dual in One coil, marking significant strides in both appearance and functionality.

Advanced Leakproof Design and Enhanced Vapor Experience

UFORCE-L TANK for Optimal Vaping: The UFORCE-L TANK’s top air inlets are designed to balance internal and external air pressure, securely storing e-liquid and condensate for a pleasant vaping experience. The tank’s design optimizes airflow, ensuring smooth and even distribution for various e-liquid resolutions.

Dual in One PnP Coil Efficiency: The innovative Dual in One PnP coil improves atomization efficiency, fully atomizing e-liquids for rich flavor and delicate taste. This efficiency leads to e-liquid savings and a 10% reduction in power output. High-wattage settings offer 20% more puffs, maintaining a consistent vaping experience.

Portability and Ergonomic Design

Compact and Comfortable to Hold: The DRAG M100S boasts a compact design while retaining its distinct craftsmanship. It utilizes solid wood and AG composite materials for a matte texture that resists fingerprints. The device is crafted to feel soft and comfortable in hand, with no perspiration, and its curved edges provide a smooth, gentle touch.

Customizable Dynamic Switch for Personalized Vaping

Enhanced User Control: The DRAG M100S features an upgraded Dynamic Switch, allowing users to customize its function according to their preferences. This flexibility includes options to lock wattage, the device, and power, preventing accidental ignition.

ECO Mode for Extended Device Life

Sustainable Vaping Option: The ECO Mode in DRAG M100S activates when the battery reaches 20%, extending the device’s service life by at least 10%. This mode is optional, offering users the choice to switch to a more energy-efficient setting.

User-Friendly Battery Design and Interface

Convenient Battery Access: The bottom battery cover of the DRAG M100S opens to a stable 45° angle, facilitating easy battery attachment and removal. The redesigned UI interface clearly distinguishes function keys, reducing accidental ignition risks and enhancing power efficiency.

Conclusion: DRAG M100S – A Compact and Powerful MOD Device

A New Standard in Vaping Devices: As the single-battery version of DRAG 4, the DRAG M100S stands out for its portability, lightweight design, and ease of grip. It offers users a rich, original flavor experience with effective leakage prevention. The DRAG M100S is an embodiment of legend in the palm of your hand.

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