Thursday, June 20, 2024

The second new crown blockade was launched in Britain, and e-cigarette stores were closed again


On November 2, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new closure measures at a press conference on Saturday night, which will take effect on Thursday, November 5. All non essential stores must close from Thursday, including clothing, electronics, car showrooms, travel agencies, betting shops, auction houses, tailors, car washing, tobacco and electronic cigarette stores.

The electronic cigarette store was closed again.

John Dunne, director general of the UK Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (ukvia), said that while we are aware of the difficulties faced by the government and the disease data highlight the growing coronavirus situation across the country, as an e-cigarette industry, we are very disappointed that the e-cigarette industry is once again being ignored as an industry providing basic goods and services. It was only earlier this year that the Department of public health acknowledged the contribution of e-cigarettes to helping smokers quit smoking, and recent studies have again emphasized that e-cigarettes are much more effective than NRT in helping smokers quit smoking.

‘it seems strange and illogical that the government is happy that people continue to buy alcohol with illegal licenses.’. The licenses do not appear to be on the list of unnecessary closed stores, but they are not allowed to buy e-cigarettes or get professional advice in the store that can help them quit smoking. According to Phe, the risk of using e-cigarettes is reduced by at least 95%. E-cigarette retail stores are fully equipped to meet the requirements of social alienation measures, and do not deal with the large amount of traffic as other stores do. In the last month alone, the government supported stoptober campaign encouraged smokers to quit smoking, including by smoking. Those who took up the challenge this month are now unable to get the same level of support and products from their local e-cigarette stores.

‘at the same time, we will provide all support to our members to ensure that they understand and strictly abide by the new guidelines,’ Mr. Dunn said. In addition, in anticipation of the second national blockade, ukvia will launch an industry wide campaign next week to promote the fact that although e-cigarette stores will not be open for the next few weeks, they will provide online click collection and home delivery services, providing delivery services in accordance with government guidelines to ensure that smokers and users can continue to use their devices and e-cigarettes. According to research, about one million smokers have quit smoking during the pandemic, and we hope to use the next month in a positive way to encourage more people to do so.

‘these are undoubtedly tough times for any industry, and atomization is no exception. During the first lock-in period, the industry has proven incredibly agile, and I believe this will be a challenge again. As a fast moving consumer goods industry, it is important for the atomization industry to reopen at the beginning of December (the target date for the second closure) to maximize sales and protect the thousands of employees it employs in the manufacture, wholesale, quality control and retail of electronic cigarette products.

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