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The sales of RELX Alpha was stopped by RELX official – Technical upgrade or technical failure?


The sales of RELX Alpha was once stopped by RELX official. Why does RELX official stop selling its widely promoted new product? There are 2 major reasons. Continue to read the article and you’ll see.

RELX Alpha

Friends focus on electronic cigarette industry know that RELX released its latest product RELX Alpha in 2019 on March 31. The new starter kit costs 399 yuan. However, it is shocking that RELX suddenly pulled all the new products off the shelves immediately after the launch. Many users now only have the empty device in hand lacking pods to replace, and then began to complain a lot online.

When we landed in JD mall on May 23 and Tmall inquired about it, we found that Alpha was still not online in its flagship store of JD mall, but Tianmao flagship store had it online again. However, it was put in a very small and unobtrusive corner.

I raised my hand and bought one kit. But when looked through the user’s reviews, I saw that there were lots of e juice leakage reviews of user complaints, and many users complained about the leakage after receiving the goods a few days later.

relx review
It sucks, serious leakage, much worse than last version! I’m wondering how can they make the advertisement so beautiful with such garbage.
Bloody leakage. Poor flavor, just a piece of junk. Avoid it!

Above two users should have purchased RELX Alpha at its launch, but then it was officially removed online. A month after receiving the pre-order product, some users began to criticize in their official shop.

relx alpha review
Used it for some time, and changed 4 pods. EVERY pod leaks. It makes me sick in every vaping. I strongly require a refund or exchange immediately. It has ruined RELX.
I regret I didn’t rate it 1 star previously. And I haven’t seen such a scamming seller, it required pre-order, but after 1 month since it’s sale, I didn’t receive the product. They said they are out of stock. So I reported it to the mall then they shipped the product immediately after my report. Where did the stock come from? What’s worse, every pod leaked after I unboxed. So I returned it and got no response until now. Every friend around me says RELX is great but it lets me down deeply. Please be careful before purchasing!

One month after receiving the goods, a lot more negative reviews showed up.
Customer service said it was out of stock and off the shelf because it sold too well. But RELX official put an upgrade notice on the product details page in the past two weeks.

The RELX product team said it had upgraded the structure of the pods. So we speculate that the new product was put on the market but they found that the pod leakage is extremely serious. So they urgently took it off the shelf. It seems that the structure of the pod should be repaired. And I also ordered it at its launch to test the new Alpha product of RELX 2019.

RELX has been promoting its first product since its inception in 2018. After entering 2019, RELX released RELX Alpha and a disposable vape at a price of 49 yuan at the end of March, which obviously accelerated the product update and evolution. On the one hand, it may be related to the fierce competition in the electronic cigarette industry so that it must accelerate the product launch pace, and on the other hand, RELX has been developing new products all the time. It just happened to be released at the end of March.

RELX is number 1 in the Chinese electronic cigarette industry at present. No one will question the two major assessments of sales volume or financing amount.
Vapehk learns that RELX’s monthly sales have already exceeded 100 million yuan, leading the way into the club of 100 million yuan. The number 2 sales are less than 50 million yuan, which is hardly a threat to RELX.

In terms of valuation, the source disclosed that RELX latest round of financing was valued at between $2.4 billion and $2.6 billion. Before that, Vapehk had reported that RELX had completed a round of financing involving Shanxing Capital with an estimated value of $800 million, but RELX had not announced it publicly.

Let’s get back to the topic RELX Alpha.
Officials said the product launched was a self-developed and original technology solution, but it was unexpected that it could be off the shelf within three days of its launch.
We have learned from reliable sources that RELX may strategically abandon Alpha products and develop other new products, but this rumor has not been officially confirmed by RELX. Please think about it carefully.

It is speculated that the reason for the abandonment may be that the current new technology scheme cannot solve the leakage situation as good as possible. Once the proportion of leakage increases, the poor user experience will be fatal.

In fact, we would like to appeal to users to be more tolerant of RELX and innovative behavior, otherwise there will be no new progress and product innovation in the industry.

There is another reason supporting the abandon deduction. If the Alpha is perfect, RELX should continue to promote it a lot, but RELX is actually developing new replacement products. It may replace Alpha products with new products. I have exclusive pictures of RELX Alpha’s new replacement products under development.

relx new product not launched
RELX new product not launched

Basically, you can see a brief look of the RELX new product not launched. How do you think about it?

Although the innovation of most e-cigarette consumer enterprises depends on the supply chain enterprises, some trial and error in the industry are still commendable.


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Aaron Ho
Aaron Ho
4 years ago

I hope Relx will continue to upgrade the 1st generation pods. If full focus is on the 2nd generation Relx A and neglect the 1st generation, I will never buy future Relx products again. It is really silly of them to have 2 different devices with pods that are not inter changeable.

Derrick Liu
Derrick Liu
4 years ago

So do I refund everything or just wait for a better pod or order another pod? Because my pods keep leaking from top and bottom.

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