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The Supbox by Chinese manufacturer SXK is a remarkable fusion. It can transform from a pod mod to classic box, so it’s very versatile. It’s also compatible with accessories for the Billet Box. Well built and efficient, even if it’s not perfect, it’s a kit worth discovering.

Is it a pod mod or a classic box?

The Supbox is a pod mod and a remote atomizer box. The upper section can be removed altogether to hold a pod cartridge or a 24 mm wide atomizer. Capable of delivering 70 W, it’s an easy-to-use, fairly efficient box. The icing on the cake is that it works with all Billet Box accessories.


Mod dimensions53 x 31 x 86 mm
Mod weight123 g
Battery size18650
Chargingmicro USB, external charging
Max. power70
Max. atomizer size24
Settings availableWatts, temperature control, bypass function
Clearomizer weight19 g
Clearomizer volume5 ml
Range of use10 to 25 watts
FillTop fill

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • Clearomizer
  • USB cable
  • Resistance coils
  • Drip tip
  • User guide

Is it a pod mod…?

The body of the box is comfortable to hold. The trigger button lies almost flush with the box and doesn’t rattle annoyingly. There’s a micro USB port to recharge the battery and update the chip set.

The battery housing cap and the 510 drip tip are on the top of the box. It’s easy to replace the drip tip. The one it comes with feels great in the mouth. The Supbox is not designed to produce huge vapour clouds and its capacity reflects this. The notched battery cap makes it easier to unscrew when you need to change the battery.

The thread is good quality, even if it takes a while to unscrew, and the polarity is marked on the cap. In the Supbox, the positive pole is at the bottom of the battery channel.

The tank is completely transparent, so the e-liquid level is obvious. The advertised capacity is 2 ml. In reality, the cartridge can hold almost 5 ml. This is a real plus, and this capacity is in at the top end of the products on the market.

As with most models, you fill it by opening a silicone cover. It fits well and doesn’t come open unexpectedly.

At the base of the box, you can unscrew the cartridge connector to replace it with the other one in the kit – that one works with atomizers. You’ll need pliers to remove this part and these are unfortunately not included. That’s a pity because overall the Supbox makes a good impression and this detail is disappointing.

… Or a classic box?

You can convert the Supbox from a pod mod to a classic box very easily. All you need to do is change the connection at the base of the box. With that set-up, the box can take 24 mm atomizers.

The screen is located under the box. It’s black and white, but is very bright. The menus are simple and easy to access. The Supbox has a menu for wattage, temperature control and a bypass function. Capable of delivering up to 70 W, it meets most vapers’ needs. A version with an Evolv DNA 60 chip set is in development and will be on sale soon.

The kit comes with two mesh resistance coils. Use the 0.6 ohm one for powers up to 25 W and the 1.1 ohm mesh for up to 15 W. The flavours are well-rendered and easy to taste. However, it’s a shame that you can’t change the airflow while you’re vaping because it’s all a bit too airy for novice vapers who aren’t looking for such strong sensations.

The way the remote atomizer box is configured on the Supbox is perfect. It’s compact, well-made and works brilliantly. When used as a pod mod, the main advantage is its 5 ml plus capacity. The only downside is the lack of precision for the airflow.

What we like

  • Holds 5 ml
  • Ease of use
  • Good flavours
  • Box and pod mod
  • Compatible with Billet Box accessories
  • Kit with lots of options

What we don’t like

  • No airflow control
  • Tools for removing the 510 connector not included

The SXK Supbox is quite versatile. It’s a pod mod and a remote atomizer box, and it’s easy to switch between them. Being compatible with Billet Box accessories makes it undeniably easy to use. A DNA version is being developed for the most demanding vapers. Flavours are well-rendered. The lack of fine tuning for airflow is a weak point.

The Supbox in pictures

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