Study: cannabinoids may effectively prevent new coronavirus

Researchers at the University of leibridge in Canada said a study conducted in April showed that at least 13 cannabis plants containing high doses of cannabis diphenol, an ingredient of medical value in cannabis, could effectively prevent the new coronavirus from entering the human body.

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Researchers at the University of leibridge in Canada have found several potent cannabis plants that contain high doses of cannabinoids, which may help prevent and treat new coronavirus pneumonia, the New York Post reported Monday. According to the results published by the researchers, these cannabinoids can help block the protein channel of the new coronavirus entering the host. One of the researchers, Igor kowalchuk, thinks marijuana can reduce the incidence of new coronavirus by 70%: “so the human body has more opportunities to fight it. The research we are doing now will have a huge impact because there are not many drugs that can reduce the infection rate by 70% to 80%. “

The researchers stressed that more research is needed at present. If it can be proved to be a feasible strategy to “reduce the susceptibility of new coronavirus”, and “become a useful and safe adjuvant therapy in the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia”, it will bring hope to people. Studies have also shown that cannabis extracts can even be “developed in the form of mouthwash or throat cleaner products” for preventive treatment, potentially “effectively reducing the risk of virus entering the mouth.”.

“Don’t think any marijuana you buy in the store will work (Canada has legalized marijuana),” kovarchuk also warned. Because despite the high content of cannabinoids in these potent marijuana, the content of tetrahydrocannabinol is very low, which is the main component of pleasure. “

At present, the study is not peer-reviewed, but conducted in cooperation with two cannabinoid research and development companies. Researchers are seeking funding to continue to support cannabinoid research on the new coronavirus: “although the effective substances we extract from cannabis need to be further verified on a large scale, our research in the future is very important in analyzing the impact of medical effects of cannabis on the new coronavirus. Given the current situation, we must consider every possible treatment opportunity and path. “

(source: People’s Daily Overseas)

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