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SnowPlus founder Wang Sa is driven out of RELX new product launch conference


From now on, RELX is not only nervous about its product leakage, but also nervous about SnowPlus

On August 18, RELX, an electronic cigarette brand owned by Shenzhen Fog-core Technology Co., Ltd., held a new product launch and partner conference in Beijing China Hotel in 2019.

RELX’s achievement show is impressive and remarkable. It not only launched three new products including RELX i Intelligent pod vape, RELX ME APP and “face recognition” vending machine, creating a new consumption ecology of “mobile Internet + intelligent hardware + new retail”, but also obtained the enterprise credit evaluation certificate issued by China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, which is the first company in the electronic cigarette industry to obtain the certificate.

Snowplus founder Wang Sa
Snowplus founder Wang Sa

However, a small episode happened unexpectedly in this relaxed and pleasant new product launch press conference. According to the vape industry participants at the conference, Wang Sa, founder of SnowPlus electronic cigarette brand, participated in the conference in a low-key way as a media person. She was later spotted by sharp-eyed staff and was invited out of the conference on the spot. RELX staff said, “Our company is nervous (about you).”

After that, Wang Sa, the founder of SnowPlus electronic cigarette brand, complained about it a lot in her Wechat friend circle. She couldn’t understand the reason why she was driven out and was very helpless.

Snowplus founder Wang Sa
SnowPlus founder Wang Sa said:
“Came to learn from our peer brand, but was ordered to get out. They said they were nervous about us.
The market is huge, and RELX is arrogant, what are you nervous about?”

SNOWPLUS Vape Founder Wang Sa: To be more than just a cool vape

SnowPlus is an electronic cigarette brand just founded by Beijing Dora Meditation Technology Co., Ltd. in June this year. At present, SnowPlus has received series A funding round investment from a number of venture capital funds and investors, amounting to more than $40 million, which is also the largest financing in the electronic cigarette industry in recent six months. Nevertheless, the strength of SnowPlus at this stage is not enough to form a competitive edge for RELX, let alone its rivals.

Look at RELX, by 2019, RELX has successfully ranked first in the domestic brand of electronic cigarette head in a short period of two years, with a market share of 44%. According to common sense, RELX should not be afraid of any opponent with its pleasant fame, influence and strength.

However, why RELX did this to a new e-cigarette brand established this year, it is really puzzling. We hope RELX can give a timely response.

What are people talking about in this accident:

No. 1: We don’t know who is right, but Ms. Wang Sa looks beautiful 🙂

No. 2: RELX cannot achieve more for its narrow mind, more and more people are looking forward to its collapse.

No. 3: RELX is giving a live show while forbidding peer’s entrance. RELX’s arrogance is killing itself.

No. 4: SnowPlus is brazening it out and using the hot topic of RELX shamelessly. It’s doing free advertisement! (Looks like what RLEX official said)

As far as Vapehk is concerned and according to the experience and news from the source, RELX is pretty rough to customers and barely reply to people who wish to collaborate with them – no matter they are famous or not. It’s the normal work style of RELX since its establishment, no hard feelings with RELX.

snowplus relx comparision
Snowplus vs Relx

The author has tested RELX classic starter kit and SnowPlus starter kit both (RELX alpha is a failure, no need to mention it).

Honestly speaking, SnowPlus outraces RELX in 5 dimensions: 1, Hand feeling; 2, Flavor; 3, Mouthpiece design; 4, Vapor production; (After trying so many FEELM inside products, we found FEELM inside ceramics heating core is just so so – Alternative: Silmo 3.0) 5.Portability.

No wonder RELX is so nervous!


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