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Reveal ALD SILMO 3.0 – Pinless design in ceramics heating core


God says let there be light, Edison invented the light bulb; smokers say let there be a good vapor, ALD created SILMO.

In 2017, ALD R&D team began to embark on SILMO thick film ceramic heating core technology research and development.

After 27 months of refining, SILMO 3.0 was officially launched in March 2019, which attracted great attention of the industry.

ALD said that the light bulb has changed the light world in an epoch-making way, and Silmo has brought new hope to hundreds of millions of smokers. Behind the two, there is a common strong existence, that is, the ultimate spirit of craftsmen.

Reveal ALD SILMO 3.0 - Pinless design in ceramics heating core


Before the birth of thick film ceramic core, fiber rope, organic cotton and ceramics were used as atomizing materials, and these materials have their own disadvantages in atomizing performance. At that time, although the ceramic core had many defects, such as oil leakage, slow heating, low reduction of taste, etc., its high temperature resistance, uniform heating, cleaner and visible characteristics still attracted more and more manufacturers’attention.

By adjusting the ceramic formula to create an ideal atomizing core, it has become the consensus and research direction of the leading manufacturers.

“In June 2018, after hundreds of attempts to verify the formula of ceramic materials, significant progress has been made, which is commonly known as the second generation scheme Silmo 2.0. However, we didn’t take a time to celebrate. FEELM thick film ceramic core is the first one to appear on the market, and it has achieved quite good results soon, which makes us feel more pressure and excitement, “Zhang sir, director of research and development of Zhuolineng, said in an interview.

“Excitedly, our technology is in the right direction! But our SILMO technology belongs to the thick film ceramic core, in the case of losing the first chance, we must have a greater breakthrough, in order to obtain our own opportunities! ”

Reveal ALD SILMO 3.0 - Pinless design in ceramics heating core

Therefore, based on the second generation scheme Silmo 2.0 has lagged behind its peers in time, ALD decisively abandoned the idea of bringing it to the market.

It’s not easy to find a way to differentiate and pursue perfection. The second generation thick film ceramic core is already a very advanced scheme. “It’s like an exam. It’s not easy to raise the score from 60 to 90. It’s a challenge several times more difficult to raise the score from 90 to 100.” Zhang sir, director of R&D at ALD, said.


The task of finding new directions for breakthroughs is around the corn.

One after one brainstorming, but get nothing, then the team morale is in the confusion and it is being continuously eroded.

At the end of August 2018, a proposal attracted Zhang sir’s attention – “Ceramic core technology pursues purity and safety. At present, heating coils with pins must be welded. There is a risk of contamination of e-liquid. Can we find ways to remove the pins of heating lines so that there is no source of contamination in the parts directly contacted with e-liquid, so as to achieve the ultimate purity of vape juice?”

Reveal ALD SILMO 3.0 - Pinless design in ceramics heating core

In a market environment where the safety of e-cigarettes is facing more and more doubts, this proposal was immediately recognized and supported at the company level.

Technical validation began soon, but the R&D team was in great trouble. SILMO 2.0 ceramic formula has excellent oil-conducting and oil-locking performance, but the ceramic matrix is brittle. In the process of ejector pin assembly, the proportion of ceramic damage is as high as 60%, which is totally not productive.

This means that if the pin-free design is to be realized, the painstaking SILMO 2.0 ceramic formula will be forced to give up, the ceramic formula will have to be pushed back, and the team’s morale will drop to a freezing point in an instant.

With the unique stubbornness of R&D personnel, Zhang Sir issued a death order: “Never stop until you reach your goal!”


The schedule of the SILMO R&D team is intensive. Every morning meeting, every night scheduled detailed analysis, plus the partners in the company shuttle intensively. The concept of commuting time does not exist, and the schedule in mind is only the project time node.

The laboratory on the fifth floor of the factory is already their home. One second before they fell asleep, all they thought about was technical difficulties and project progress. The SILMO team has long been accustomed to this kind of life.

In the deductions, the dawn is gradually coming.

Reveal ALD SILMO 3.0 - Pinless design in ceramics heating core


Everything comes to him who waits.

January 2019, after more than 800 days and nights of struggle, a new ceramic formula came out! “The strength of the new ceramic material is up to the standard, and the index of oil guide lock is better than the second generation plan!” At the wrap-up meeting, the chief material engineer could not hide his ecstasy.

“We also got a surprise! With the increase of strength, the new ceramics can not only achieve no lead and no solder joints, but also can burn and cut the heater in batches. It can be produced in batches automatically with high consistency. This is the highest level of ceramic core technology contemporarily.

Thermal Imaging of SILMO 3.0 Pinless Ceramic Atomizing Core
Thermal Imaging of SILMO 3.0 Pinless Ceramic Atomizing Core

In March 2019, SILMO™ Brand was officially launched.

April 2019, SILMO 3.0 flagship device is in bulk production.

In June 2019, SILMO™’s global tour is getting better.

In August 2019, orders for SILMO products began to increase sharply.



Nowadays, the market of ALD is booming and SILMO is emerging with charm.

“SILMO is not only pure, but also a spirit of craftsman, an industry responsibility and a social responsibility,” Zhang Sir said in an interview. “It’s just beginning to solve user problems with safe and reliable atomization technology.”

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