Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Sichuan China Tobacco invites influencers to review new tobacco products


On the afternoon of April 16, with the delivery of the last batch of express mails, Sichuan China Tobacco’s new tobacco “consumer opinion leader promotion project” was officially launched.

In recent years, citizens’ health consciousness has been continuously improved, and the new tobacco product industry is booming. In order to adapt to changes in consumer demand, it is particularly important to understand how consumer groups, especially some opinion leaders (KOLs), feel about products. This promotion project has selected 20 cultural celebrities from across the country, including famous writers, poets, philosophers, cultural critics, economists, professors in famous schools, founders and editors of famous journals, CCTV financial channel commentators, independent Publishers, curators, senior media people, Internet influencers, etc. They are all famous, authoritative, brilliant.

After obtaining the consent of these cultural giants one by one, the new tobacco products in the research and development stage are delivered as soon as possible for them to take the lead in trying, tasting and making recommendations. This is another measure of Sichuan Tobacco’s new tobacco industry focusing on high-quality development requirements, market-oriented, combined with consumption demonstration, to achieve seamless integration of technology, brand and market. The initial plan of this project lasts for three months, and later it will be upgraded and deepened according to the actual result.

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