Shenzhen encourages electronic cigarette industry development with new measures

On March 20, 2022, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China issued the “Several Measures of Bao’an District on Promoting the High-quality Development of Advanced Manufacturing and Modern Service Industry (Shen Bao Fu [2022] No. 15)”. The “Measures” contains a total of 56 articles, of which 16 are the implementation paths for the development of advanced manufacturing.

Related to the industry, in Article 8 of the “Measures”, it is clearly stated that “the implementation of the construction of electronic atomization professional industrial parks will be rewarded, and new electronic cigarette device and other characteristic and advantageous industrial enterprises will be rewarded“. It is the first time that the electronic atomization industry has been written into the red head document of the local government’s industrial support.

In addition, Voopoo, Smoore and RELX were selected into the “Guangdong Province Key Protected Trademark List in 2021”, and Voopoo Technology won honors such as “Shenzhen Top 500 Enterprises” and “Guangdong Top 300 Manufacturing Enterprises”. It proves that Guangdong Province attaches great importance to the electronic atomization industry.

The reason why Guangdong Province, especially Bao’an District, has repeatedly expressed its intention to support the electronic atomization industry is because of the “regional characteristic advantageous industries” mentioned in the “Opinions”. Relevant data shows that currently more than 90% of the world’s electronic cigarettes are produced in China, and the electronic cigarette manufacturing center is the entire Greater Bay Area with Shenzhen Bao’an as the center.

In 2021, the GDP of Bao’an District will be 442.182 billion yuan. The “2021 Electronic Cigarette Industry Blue Book” shows that the total export volume of Chinese vaping enterprises reached 138.3 billion yuan, which is evident in the contribution of the electronic vaping industry to the economy of Bao’an District. Up to now, Bao’an District has formed a complete industrial chain from upstream raw materials, to research and development, production, to terminal circulation, and even exhibition and service.

Therefore, in the foreseeable future, Bao’an District may further increase its support for the electronic atomization industry, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial clusters, and further consolidate the advantages of regional characteristics.

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