Shenzhen ALD Group Ltd. Will Bring SILMO to CEE International Expo

CEE 2019 Beijing International Vape Industry Expo is held in Beijing, China again.

The expo has been successfully held in Beijing several times. And it attracts nearly 300 well-known enterprises from hundreds of countries and regions around the world. What’s more, it has developed into a huge expo with an area of 25,000 square meters, exhibitors from more than 300 countries, 18659 professional visitors and buyers. This eighteenth expo will provide exhibitors with a high standard, high grade and high-quality exhibition exchange stage with a new concept, and create the largest, most valuable and most authoritative top-level and particularly grand event in the electronic cigarette industry.

Here you will see the most cutting-edge products and technologies,
Experience the flavors and vapors of various electronic cigarettes,
Get abundant professional electronic cigarette information,
Collaborate on the development of the electronic cigarettes industry.

As the world’s leading vape enterprise, ALD will bring SILMO, a leading brand of atomization technology, to showcase and communicate with exhibitors and visitors. Their mission is to make more people know and recognize electronic cigarettes and promote a more healthy lifestyle.

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One-stop atomization solution

As a creative enterprise in the field of vape, ALD’s R&D investment accounts for more than 10% of its total revenue annually. The company has over 100 R&D teams now and has established a solid cooperative relationship with well-known universities and research institutions in China, which provides a strong guarantee for enterprises to maintain a leading position in the vaping technology and product R&D.

It equipped with the industry’s top standards of production hardware in the vape industry first, supporting 8S management model, GMP standard production environment, and ISO 9001 quality management system, to provide a strong guarantee for production and quality control. What’s more, it has more than 20,000 square meters of modern manufacturing center, more than 2,000 people in the production team with monthly 14 million pieces of atomizing devices production capacity, which make it able to serve millions of customers around the world by providing stable and reliable research and development, design, manufacturing all-in-one service.

Innovative Solutions Lead the Healthy Development of Vape Industry

The atomization core as the major component plays an important role in the flavor of the vapor. Whoever owns the sophisticated and independent intellectual property of atomization technology, he can lead the way of the electronic cigarette industry. At present, the technology of cigarette substitute product pod system technology is relatively stable, and the popularization rate of ceramic core technology is very high. It is generally believed that this technology has reached a zero innovation stage. Besides, ALD Research Institute has already released a new generation of ceramic core technology – SILMO metal film atomization quietly based on users’demands. And it devotes itself to the research and development of atomization core with a pure and smooth flavor, creating better atomization technology for user experience, solving user pain points, innovating user experience, and promoting more users to alter to safer atomization and more healthy nicotine intaking way.

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For example, SILMO, patented technology of ALD, aims to solve the common problems in pod systems of thin vapor production in most low-power atomizers. The use of new ceramic substrates not only restores the best flavors of various kinds of e-liquids, but also perfectly deduces the explosive power of low-power vapes. Aiming at the problem of e-liquid leakage and the burnt core of pod vapes, a special heating area is designed for Silmo 3.0 heater developed by ALD, which achieves rapid atomization rate, 2-layer e-liquid leakage prevention, intelligent temperature control and other technologies to meet the needs of users in different scenarios.

Numerous new products will be shown

New products VAPMAX, VLIGHT and VINGOR, which have been successfully applied with SILMO, will be launched officially. After thousands of reviews of craftsmanship and elaboration of cool technology. All kinds of elegant and exquisite shells, pod systems with SILMOTM process atomization core producing smooth and pure flavors are loved by most customers. Smart air induction switch, you’ll enjoy the vapor with breaths in and breaths out. Besides, the innovative magnetic suction connection is also carefully designed, plug it and vape, very convenient.

Surprising Interactive Activities

On the spot of Beijing International Electronic Cigarette Expo, besides the eye-catching products of ALD’s brilliant show, on-site Wechat-scanning activities, Wechat red packet lottery rain, as well as the presence of foreign beautiful models will also be there.

Do you like it?

They all meet you at
Booth T9911, Hall A, Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center On June 28-30,
ALD invite you to come cordially, they’ll be waiting!

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