Saskatchewan has accepted e-cigarette balance regulations, according to the Canadian e-cigarette Association

Regina Sask. – the electronic cigarette Association of Canada (CVA) announced recently that they are satisfied with the “electronic cigarette balance regulations” issued by the Ministry of health of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan has accepted e-cigarette balance regulations, according to the Canadian e-cigarette Association

According to Health Minister Paul Merriman, the regulations “are necessary to limit the sale of flavored e-cigarette products in adult e-cigarette stores, as well as the market and supply for young people.”

A press statement said the amendment would take effect on September 1, 2021.

“E-cigarette flavoring products like strawberries and ice cream give young people the wrong impression that e-cigarettes are harmless when they become a habit like smoking,” health minister Merriman said in the same news statement

“Based on the legislation introduced by the government to regulate tobacco products in the process of tobacco production, we hope to provide our young people with the opportunity to choose tobacco or e-cigarettes.”

“CVA praises the actions taken by the Saskatchewan government to protect young people,” said Darryl tempest, executive director of the association.

“E-cigarette products are a tool designed for adult smokers to reduce harm,” Tempest said. We think this legislation is likely to support adult smokers who choose e-cigarettes to reduce harm. “

The tobacco and e-cigarette product control act was approved by the royal family in December 2019 and will come into force in February 2020. Regulations issued by the Saskatchewan Department of health reflect the adoption of these legal provisions.

These regulations require that the minimum legal age for the sale of e-cigarette equipment and products is 18 years old or above.

The regulations also prohibit the display of promotional materials for e-cigarettes in commercial areas where minors are not allowed to enter.

According to provincial tobacco regulations, the use of e-cigarettes in and around public buildings, schools, campuses and other facilities is also not allowed.

It is forbidden to use e-cigarettes in amusement parks, arcades, theatres and other special places. Like traditional tobacco products, e-cigarettes and advertising of e-cigarette products are also restricted and prohibited in some places.

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