Thursday, May 23, 2024

Russian Government Considers Ban on Flavor Additives for E-Cigarettes


According to a report by TASS on August 8th, a government draft law banning the sale of flavor additives for e-cigarette devices will soon be submitted for review by the Russian cabinet.

The news was revealed to TASS by Artem Metelev, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Youth Policy Committee.

Mezhelev claims:

A proposal to ban flavor additives in e-cigarette additives was discussed during a meeting of the working group at the Russian Ministry of Health. The project is expected to be submitted for review by the Russian government in the near future.

The report highlights that the project aims to prohibit all artificial and natural flavors, as well as food additives, including those that contain harmful and dangerous compounds, stimulants, sweeteners, colorings, and other additives that may lead people to mistakenly perceive products with nicotine content as beneficial to health or of low risk.

Mikhail Meletrev stated in the press release:

The Youth Policy Commission believes that all flavorings additives that can cause harm to health and manipulate consumer choices should be excluded. We are well aware that the gum and candy flavors emitted by e-cigarettes are merely a deception, used by manufacturers to lure children and adolescents into nicotine consumption.

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