RiP Trippers Quits Doing Vape Reviews

Love him or hate him, with more than 1.3 million subscribers, RiP Trippers is by far the best-known YouTube vape reviewer. At least he was until yesterday. According to his latest video, RiP is done with vape reviews once and for all!

In the video, RiP explained his decision, and broke it down to three reasons:

  1. RiP is not vaping anymore. He hinted at quitting in a video posted last October, and it turns out he really did it. That’s not due to safety concerns; he repeats the Public Health England claim that vaping is at least 95 percent less harmful than smoking. But he shares that he has been fighting with autoimmune prostatitis, which was also the main reason behind his alarming weight loss. The medical nightmare made him refocus on what is important, he says, and he is now spending more time with his family, getting outdoors, and working on other types of YouTube content.
  2. Lack of innovation in the vape world. RiP says that the sheer quantity of cookie-cutter vape products—and especially the overwhelming number of pod systems—is damaging the industry and, as a result, has taken away his enthusiasm for doing vape reviews. It turns out RiP is sick of vape pods and MTL stuff, and thinks that rebuildables is where it’s at for the future of vaping. And clouds, lots and lots of clouds.
  3. Paid reviews and what came with them. RiP claims that he wasn’t getting paid for the products he would like to review (cloud-chasing rebuildables for the most part), and that if he decided to review them it would be for nothing, which would damage the market for other reviewers. As he says, “If I do products for free, it affects them.”

Some other things we learned from RiP’s latest video:

  • He is not a politician, he’s just a regular dude doing reviews
  • He wasn’t in it because of the money (but claims he made $100,000 a month from sponsored reviews)
  • “Grassroots is where it’s at”
  • His channel will remain active and will spread love and not hate

Unfortunately, he didn’t say if his other channels will keep providing us with comedy gold. Did someone say “Super Bloke”?

Soon after the video went live, a couple of reviewers decided to respond to it—and especially the part about paid reviews. Jai Haze responded, and Vaping with Vic weighed in too. Others, like the Vaping Bogan, decided to respond by leaving a comment under RiP’s video.

Are you a RiP Trippers fan? Do you think he will be coming back, or is he done for good with vape reviews? Sound out in the comments section!

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