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American brand VaperzCloud is famous for its high-quality kit for vapers who love big clouds and big flavours. Following the success of the first Valhalla, the brand is back with a new version: the Valhalla V2. It’s a huge, impressively capable dripper.

Onwards – to the hall of heroes!

Taking its inspiration from Nordic mythology, VaperzCloud invites us on a journey into Viking paradise with this huge dripper. It’s really (like really, really) airy, but still delivers great flavour. It’s a great success for the brand in every respect.

Technical specs


Diameter40 mm
Weight133 g
BF optionNo BF
Assembly typeSimple and complex
Mounting plateDouble coil
Range of useDepends on assembly
Air intakeFrom the top
Drip tip810
MaterialsStainless steel, Ultem

What’s in the box?

Heaven in a box

The Valhalla box has all the essentials: the dripper, plus a set of seals and spare screws. The basics, no frills. The Valhalla logo is engraved on the dripper barrel. It’s attractive and discreet, despite its size.

The Valhalla V2 is a 40 mm wide dripper with a monster of an assembly plate designed to hold a double coil. There are four posts on each side for mounting the coils, plus an air inlet that channels air directly to the coil from below. This arrangement produces flavours that really pack a punch. You have the option – and we’d recommend you do – to use the biggest assemblies on this dripper. There’s more than enough space on the plate.

There’s an Ultem dome just above the plate, which is hidden by the barrel. You use this dome to direct the generous air flow into the two holes beneath the coils. It’s a simple system that works perfectly and also lets you adjust the airflow. The dome is far enough from the coils not to be damaged or risk being deformed by the heat.

The barrel has 44 air holes on each side, 98 in all. This guarantees a very airy vape – and you can adjust it by turning the barrel around the plate.

There’s a small groove around the top of the barrel so you can screw on the Ultem dome.

The dome is secured to the barrel by the well-designed 810 drip tip. It’s worth repeating why it needs to be this huge: it’s to allow the enormous clouds it makes to rise.

The workmanship on this Valhalla is flawless. The seals are strong, it’s so easy to build – the whole thing just exudes quality.

The Valhalla also comes in a 40 mm diameter version. Called the Niflheim, it features different engraving on its barrel. The mounting plate is solid black, but otherwise it’s exactly the same dripper.

Clouds in the land of heroes

This Valhalla is surprising in more ways than one. Its size is impressive, but so is how easy it is to assemble. Its postless, double coil system is fairly standard, but the way VaperzCloud feeds the airflow under the coil is really interesting. The Ultem dome lets you restrict and focus the airflow to deliver truly impressive flavour. You can also tone down this taste tornado by simply turning the barrel to restrict the airflow. VaperzCloud has truly mastered this design to deliver a really delicious dripper.

It is particularly easy to assemble, you just fit the coils onto the dedicated pads. The trick is to align the body of the coils with the air intake to maximize flavour. This is really easy to do. Given the large space between the pads, you should use large coils to make the most of the Valhalla’s generous size. The same applies to the huge tank capacity. It’s very easy to wick, and leaves plenty of space for the liquid. As the Valhalla isn’t available in a pin bottom feeder version, it needs a tank this deep and VaperzCloud has really delivered here.

The flavour and volume of vapour this dripper makes are simply exceptional. Whatever liquid you use, it delivers strong, clear flavours that you can really taste, and you can adjust the vapour volume to your heart’s desire.

In summary

What we like

  • Flawless build-quality
  • Exceptional sizing
  • Incredible flavour
  • Air inlet system
  • Ultem dome system

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