How to choose from heat not burn HNB tobacco heating smokeless device

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First, flavor.

For smokers, the flavor is ranked first. Flavor is the basic prerequisite for smokers to accept devices that are not burned by heating. 

Second, the appearance.

The smokefree heat not burn tobacco heating device neither do need to be complicated in appearance, nor do they need to have strange shapes, just like the simplicity of Apple and Xiaomi.

Third, clean.

For heavy smokers that use heat and not burn smokeless tobacco heating device, the cleaning is troublesome. Early users of heating and non-burning device have almost used IQOS. The structure of IQOS chip heating is destined to be very troublesome to clean. On the one hand, the heating chip is easy to break, on the other hand, the heating chip increases the cleaning area. It is difficult to clean the heating chamber. Fortunately,some HNB tobacco heated device including QOQ honor uses a heating rod, which is not only sturdy and hard to break,but can be cleaned in an automatic cleaning mode, and the heating chamber can be directly stirred with an ordinary cotton swab.

Fourth,  the gear shift function
The earliest product on the market of heating and non-burning devices is IQOS. Therefore, it is reasonable for IQOS to adapt its own heatstick cartridges, because there were no other cartridges available at that time, but three years later, other brands of cartridges appeared one after another. Heatsticks are not only incapable of heating, but taste is significantly inferior to those used by other brands.

Fifth, the pause function.
It is dear to buy the heat not burn tobacco heating device,the current price is about $50, which can be used for about 3-6 months, but the price of a Marlboro heat stick is about $30, which can only be used for three weeks at most. Therefore, the use cost of the heatsticks is higher, so it is possible not to waste as much as possible. However, it is often interrupted by other things when smoking. 

It is worth noting that many HBNs have added a pause design,however, some HNB devices on the market claim to come with a pause function, their so-called pause / continue is nothing more than the termination of heating and reheating, so it is inevitably overheating caused by repeated heating.Taking QOQ honor HNB device as an example,the heating of QOQ honor is based on the program behind the temperature curve. It is paused from a certain point on the program, and then continues to start from that point, so that it can not waste the heatsticks and continue to smoke without affecting the taste. To pause or continue, just press the main button twice.

Sixth, the battery life, or battery life plus continuous smoking.
As we all know, IQOS must be put back in the appropriate charging case and charged for 5 minutes before smoking a heatstick. Moreover, it cannot be smoked after being suspended or terminated. That is, once IQOS starts to heat the cartridge, it cannot be stopped. Otherwise, it can only be put back into the charging case and fully charged before it can continue to be used. Therefore, the latecomers of the heating and non-burning e-cigarette industry generally consider the continuous smoking function, such as long-term battery life to achieve 10 cigarettes, 15 cigarettes, or even 20 cigarettes

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