Review: Target 80 – Vaporesso

The Target 80 by Vaporesso is the brand’s latest kit with a built-in battery. It’s topped with a pod tank and the basic version is designed for DL vaping. Its compatibility with GTX coils makes it very versatile.


The Target 80 has a built-in 3000 mAh battery and is easy to use. Even so, it has lots of menus and can produce up to 80W. The Target 80 will satisfy a wide range of vapers. The clear pod tank is compatible with the manufacturer’s GTX coils.

Technical specs


Mod dimensions 86.3 x 36.2 x 30.7mm
Mod weight 130g
Battery size Built-in 3000mAh battery
Charging USB-C
Maximum power 80W
Max. atomizer diameter 24
Modes available Watts, volts, automatic, bypass
Clearomizer dimensions 24 x 35.5mm
Clearomizer weight 30g
Clearomizer capacity 5ml
Range of use 5 to 80W
Filling Top fill

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • Clearomizer
  • USB cable
  • Coils
  • User guide

An original box

The top of the box is a plate with a spring-mounted 510 connector. The originality of this model lies in the ring around the plate. Its contrasting colour really stands out. The box can take atomizers up to 24mm wide without them protruding over the sides.

The body of the box is decorated with two textured panels that really add style to the kit and feel rather nice to hold. The ring around the top plate has tab so you can attach it to a lanyard or ring. This might seem surprising but can be useful when you’re out and about. This tab is angled downwards so doesn’t get in the way when you’re holding it. It’s neatly put together and the updates are a success.

On the front there’s an easy-to-read colour screen. The fire button is at the top and sits about 0.3mm proud of the box. It’s quite sensitive so just press it lightly to vape. At the bottom of the screen there are two buttons to increase and decrease the power level, and an OK button.

Finally, there’s a USB-C port for any updates to the electronics and, most importantly, for charging the 3000mAh battery. The battery life is as you’d expect from this type of kit and the power required by the two coils it comes with. Just be careful when you vape at 80W as the mod’s battery charge tends to plummet.

On the underside of the box, the Target 80 kit has 5 degassing vents in case of any battery problems. There are also some markings, such as the name of the model and Vaporesso’s flagship chipset: the Axon.

The Target 80 kit really does have it all. The chipset offers a range of menus, such as F(t) mode, pulse and DIY (wattage, volt, and bypass modes). It also has an info menu (puff counter) and a smart menu that automatically adjusts the power level depending on the coil it detects. When we tested it, we found that the F(t) mode made a difference to our vaping experience. We found pulse mode a bit underwhelming, as it felt a bit sluggish.

A clearomizer pod

The tank that comes with the Target 80 is a pod tank – it’s a hybrid of a traditional clearomizer and a pod. Its 5ml capacity means you won’t need to refill it all that often. The tank is made of PCTG, so it’s more likely to survive being dropped. It’s slightly tinted, but you can clearly see your e-liquid level at a glance – it’s easy to use and practical!

The tank sits on a base that screws onto the box. It’s held on by 4 magnets which are strong enough to give an excellent hold. If you really push the buttons sideways there is a bit of play, but this is unnoticeable in everyday use, and the hold is every bit as good as you’d expect it to be.

The coil slides easily into the tank. It’s held in place by a series of seals that work very well. We didn’t notice any leaks or unpleasant seepage. When you insert a coil, you need to position the rounded parts in line with the dedicated notches – that way, you know the seal will be completely tight. It’s pretty straightforward!

The air intakes are at the bottom of the tank. There are two large openings on opposite sides for increasing or decreasing the airflow. Each opening is split into two. On this model, you don’t change the airflow by turning the base. Instead you twist the pod tank on its base. This changes it from an airy direct vape to a more restricted one. The Target 80 kit is designed for DL, or direct inhalation. However, if you use some of the brand’s other GTX coils you can get a much tighter vape.

It’s also child’s play to fill it with e-liquid – just unscrew the top cap with a quarter turn to access the filling hole. As the hole isn’t very wide, we’d recommend using narrow bottle tips so it won’t overflow. Once you’ve replaced the top cap, the seal is excellent.

The Target 80 kit comes with two GTX coils. These are both mesh coils. One is 0.3ohm, for use from 32 to 45W. The other one is 0.2ohm and is recommended for use from 45 to 60W. The manufacturer has been using these GTXs for several months and they don’t disappoint. They make lots of vapour once you reach 35W and deliver clear flavours you can really taste. We got excellent results with fruity liquids with cold to slightly warm vapour.

The Target 80 kit is a very good kit if you’re just getting into DL vaping. The box feels nice to hold and has every conceivable menu. The pod tank does its job, is easy to use and produces really good favours. The kit will also please vapers looking for a mid-level power, cloudy vape who want a practical all-in-one solution.

In summary

What we like

  • Design
  • Comprehensive menus
  • Battery life
  • Quality of flavour
  • Choice of coils

What we don’t like

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