RELX to Release Its New Five-generation Vaping Pod on Dec. 15

According to the release on December 8, China’s leading electronic cigarette brand RELX is to launch a new pod product, RELX Illusion, also known as the industry’s five-generation products. The Illusion will be officially sold on December 15. This is another new product of RELX after the release of RELX Infinity in January this year.

RELX has a unique 4-grid scale power light on the body, which can display the remaining power and charging progress at any time to alleviate the user’s anxiety about unknown power. Simultaneously, technological breakthroughs have been achieved in charging speed, battery capacity, oil leakage prevention technology, and material technology.

According to Chen Chen, chief product officer of RELX in the early stage of new product development, RELX has systematically formulated strategies to improve the experience pain points based on user experience data. The product team has completed 51 design verifications in the design and development phase alone and consumed more than 15,000 vaping pods for reliability testing.

Chen Chen said that RELX has never stopped the ultimate pursuit of improving product experience, regardless of the cost.

Unique Tidal Power Light

The tidal dynamic LED light shows the remaining power of the product. When charging the product, the power light can also let the user know the charging state intuitively, and the charging time is precise at a glance.

In terms of power, RELX Illusion adopts Type-C standard interface input. Compared with the first generation of RELX products, the new product’s battery capacity increases by 9%, and the charging efficiency increases by 31%.

The tidal power light’s original design intention is to focus on solving the user’s anxiety about unknown electricity.

Chen said that according to the survey, 77.6% of the users did not know the remaining power when they went out, and nearly 50% of the users had experienced a sudden power failure and said they were upset. Knowing the remaining power is the number one feature users want to add.

Simultaneously, how to create the optimal solution for the flicker effect of power light for users? If the light flickers too fast, it will give users a feeling of impatience. If it is too slow, the light will provide people with a psychological sense of lack of motivation and insensitivity.

In this detail that is too subtle to be noticed by many people, the product design team, based on the bionics knowledge of human breathing rate of 3 seconds/time, and in line with the user’s suction habit of RELK, finally design the light with a flicker frequency of 1.4 seconds per round, after 23 rounds of software version iteration and optimization.

Upgrade comprehensively to enhance the competitiveness of products

Not only is the anxiety of unknown power solved, Illusion has also improved and upgraded in ten aspects, such as oil leakage prevention, suction experience, product safety, and service life.

In terms of oil leakage prevention, illumination uses labyrinth airway developed by RELX. The 11 layer labyrinth structure can block the condensate, ventilate and separate the oil, and further separate and fine control the gas exchange and pressure compensation module in the pod. 

To ensure that each suction experience is stable and smooth, RELX R & D team has designed a gas transmission channel through fluid dynamics and dynamic analysis, and uses negative pressure to create a bottom-up airflow to push the atomized gas out slowly from bottom to top, and finally create a proper experience.

In addition to visible innovation, Illusion also upgrades targeted solutions for many invisible experiences. For example, the tidal power light is sealed by the UV glue dropping process. The dust absorbed by static electricity can not enter the machine body’s interior, thus reducing the impact on the working environment of components and improving the service life of the device.

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