RELX Issued a New Function of Online Order Service, Like It in Uber

If you have once used Uber, you might feel convenient for its online order service. Just like it in Uber, on 13th Oct., the vape vanguard brand in China, RELX (it takes up almost 70% sales in Chinese vape market), develops the online order service in its app RELX ME. The users can issue their requirements in the app, and then the store owner nearby will take the order according to their requirements (the whole process costs no more than 20 minutes), thereby meeting the customers’ offline needs.

Since November of last year, when vape was not allowed to sell online, all vape brands in China started to underline offline sales.

RELX’s app’s function is somewhat interesting for the customers only release their requirements online, and the storeowners receive the information and deliver the products offline.

When you publish your demands on RELX ME, the app will then inform you that you will receive a call or a message concerning your orders in 20 minutes.

The function is beneficial for both the consumers and the sellers. The consumers can express what they need online instead of going out to physical stores and communicating with shop assistants. For storefronts, they can better access to new order information and thus improve their business.

RELX is likely the only one that can implement this function in China. It manifests that the products of RELX are popular among consumers and sufficiently supplied to the downstream storefronts.

You can never underestimate what RELX as the leader of the vape industry can do. But as a matter of fact, it isn’t a surprise that RELX designs the new function. After all, Wangying, the CEO of RELX, was once a senior executive in Uber (China) and also once worked in DiDi.

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