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Some common mistakes when using rebuildable dripping atomizer


It still can not stop the love of rebuildable dripping atomizer fans when even if the pod system prevails nowadays. After all, the pod vapes cannot bring the thick vapor and extremely rich taste experience of the dripping atomizer. Relatively speaking, the operation of a more complex e-liquid atomizer is relatively prone to some erroneous operations in the process of use, especially the users who have just touched the dripping atomizer for a short time. The following errors are very common and should be noticed.

The vape juice can’t taste stronger and richer when you add more e-liquid

Many users mistakenly think that the more e juice is added at a time, the more intense the taste of the dripping atomizer will produce. In fact, it is not. If the RDA adds excessive e-liquids, it will affect the heating effect of the coil, and reduce the performance of the flavor. It is suggested that the vape juice injected vape juice at each time that can just moisten and fill the cotton wool, and that the e-liquid should be injected again within 10 mouths of vaping, so as to get a better use experience.

Air intake volume, atomizer space and coil data must be matched

It is easy to understand the relationship between the three to the old users. If the highly heated coils are used on the RDA in small space and the small air intake is used, the RDA will cause strong e-liquids smell or even burnt core. If you like the RDA output capacity and strong flavor, you’re more suggested to choose some combination of atomizers and fancy coils with large air intake and large atomization space to enjoy the most direct and violent smoke output.

Try not to tilt the RDA with e-liquids

Neither the rebuildable tank atomizer nor the rebuildable dripping atomizer is recommended to be tilted. If the RDA is tilted, it is easy to condensate the vape juice in the inner storage in one direction. When it is used again, it is very easy to make the vape juice explode. Moreover, when the vape juice is excessively added, it is very easy leak when the RDA is placed on tilt.

Vape juice and cotton in RDA must be cleaned in time when idle for a long time

When RDA is idle for more than one day, the cotton and e-liquids in the atomizer should be cleaned as soon as possible. Because the inner storehouse of the RDA will keep high heat after use, and the absorption of vape juice is large, while the vape juice is very easy to oxidize. In the next use, the residual vape juice will affect the flavor of the RDA, and even there will be odor in the inner storage.

Don’t blindly believe in so-called formulas, the best flavor can only be sought by oneself

Because NI80 material with better thermal conductivity is used in fancy coils or filaments, the so-called 4.3V voltage formula can not be applied in RDA. Many fancy coils even need only 3.5V to 3.7V output voltage to achieve very good heating effect. And the taste needs vary from person to person. When using voltage regulating device and RDA, only through a little adjustment can we find the most suitable flavor.


In fact, it is not complicated to play with the RDA. Especially now, many finished fancy coils make the process of rebuilding the atomizer core very labor-saving. As long as proper attention is paid to operation and maintenance during the use of the RDA, the best flavor produced by RDA would be much more excellent than pod systems. No matter how convenient the use of pod vape can bring, RDA is still the most beloved treasure of vaping enthusiasts.

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