Friday, July 19, 2024

Poland Concludes Public Consultation on Amending Tobacco Legislation to Include Heated Products


In a significant development, the Polish Ministry of Health has wrapped up a month-long public consultation on a draft amendment to the “Health Protection Act” aimed at introducing tighter controls over tobacco products. This announcement came on July 3, following the Ministry’s initial proposal on May 15.

Key Changes Proposed in the Amendment

The amendment primarily seeks to integrate heated tobacco products into the category of “innovative tobacco products.” These are defined as products that release nicotine and other chemicals through heating, without combustion. A notable inclusion in the draft is the ban on the sale of tobacco products featuring “characteristic aromas,” a regulation that extends to heated tobacco products as well.

Manufacturers and importers will be required to provide comprehensive data to the Director of the Chemicals Management Agency on new or modified tobacco products, ensuring compliance with the EU directive issued on June 29, 2022.

Impact on Public Health and Industry

The draft underscores the need for further research into these modern tobacco products, citing insufficient testing compared to traditional tobacco items like cigarettes. The Ministry believes that enhanced data collection will enable a more thorough assessment and bolster public health protections.

Flavored tobacco products, particularly those with distinctive aromas, are under scrutiny, with the law set to take effect three months post-publication. This gives manufacturers a grace period to phase out such products. Current statistics show that 1.5% of Poland’s adult population uses heated tobacco products. Following the ban, a significant number of smokers (11.6%) reportedly quit, while others transitioned to alternative smoking options like e-cigarettes, particularly among younger demographics.

Economic and Industry Reactions

The Polish Tobacco Growers Association has voiced strong opposition to the amendment. Przemysław Noworyta, the association’s president, highlighted the potential adverse effects on the local tobacco industry, which is pivoting towards the production of heated tobacco products as traditional cigarette sales decline across the EU.

Noworyta also criticized the government’s decision to preemptively implement the ban on flavored products, including mint, which constitutes 80% of the market, arguing that this move precedes a final decision from the EU and has been contested by legal experts at the European Court of Justice.

Final Thoughts: A Flavorful Debate!

It seems the winds of change are blowing a bit too minty for some in the Polish tobacco landscape! What do you think about this move towards regulating flavored tobacco? Is it a breath of fresh air, or a bitter taste for the industry? Drop your thoughts below and don’t forget to follow us at for more updates on the vaping world!

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