Philippines: Graphic Warnings for Vapor and Heated Tobacco

The Philippine government has ordered manufacturers, importers and sellers of vapor products and heated-tobacco products (HTPs) to print graphic health warnings on their packaging within 18 months, reports Business World. Sale of these products is now limited to those over the age of 21.

The implementation of the graphic warnings is part of the country’s “sin tax” laws.

The Department of Health will issue templates for the warnings, including for inserts and other advertising, outside packaging and labeling, and other packaging from domestic and overseas manufacturers.

The Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will act as the regulating agencies for manufacturers, importers and sellers of vapor products and HTPs, with authority over packaging, advertising and distribution. The FDA will also conduct scientific studies on the health impact of these products.

The Department of Budget and Management will determine how the tax funds from these products will be allocated and released to tobacco-producing provinces.

The Department of Finance and the Bureau of Internal Revenue will determine the rules for setting floor prices.

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