Parliament Square Vape Rally – Back Vaping Save Lives

The Parliament Square vape rally, organized by the Back Vaping Save Lives campaign was held last week, and saw UK politicians stopping by to learn more about the benefits of vaping.

Vape advocates, vapers and John Dunne from the UK Vaping Industry Association [UKVIA] were joined by Mark Pawsey MP who gave a tub thumping speech to the crowd.

back vaping save lives vape rally parliament square UK

Mark is the current chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping [APPG] and is one of the most pro-vaping UK MPs you could find.

It’s under his superb stewardship the Beyond TPD report set out the blueprint for future vape regulations here in the UK.

The Parliament Square vape rally was organised by leading UK vape advocate Mark Oates and was meant to send a strong message to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and all MPs, that vaping does indeed save lives.

Parliament Square Vape Rally Boris Johnson
Boris Back Vaping At COP9!

Despite the World Health Organization backing down from a proposed all out war on vaping at the COP9 meeting in November, the threat is still very much alive.

Instead of a global vape ban being put on the agenda for discussion, it will now be noted and held over for COP10 in 2 years time.

Despite that, the Back Vaping Save Lives campaign isn’t resting on its laurels and will be joining a team of UK politicians and advocacy groups to make sure the COP9 delegates know that the UK is unlikely to support any global vape ban plan.

Not only that, it’s hoped the advocacy team will get a chance to show the world that vaping is 95% + safer than smoking and a massive boost to a country’s public health saving millions if not billions of lives.

vaping is NOT smoking

Parliament Square Vape Rally – Vapers Urged To Write To Their MPs

Mark Oates says he was delighted with the turnout and response telling me:

It was great to gather in Parliament with fellow vapers from across the country and call on the Boris to Back Vaping at COP9.

We’re very lucky in the UK that the Government and many of our institutions are supportive of vaping, yet it is important that our Government stands up for our policies at the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control meeting of the Parties in November.

back vaping save lives parliament square rally
Mark Oates [centre]

Other countries and the WHO don’t look favourably on vaping and are calling for taxes and flavour bans, as a signatory to the convention this could have an effect in the long term on the UK.

Besides, countries across the world should be following our lead and Britain should be telling them to do so.

Mark Pawsey MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping came down.

He spoke to us about the COP9 report that the APPG did, which is also calling on the Government to stand up for vaping at the international meeting in November.

He was keen to tell us how important it was for vapers to write to the Member of Parliament to tell them how vaping helped them, which is great because that’s exactly what you can do on the Back Vaping Save Lives website.

Mark, who is also the founder of vaping advocacy group WE Vape, also wanted to clarify that both the latter and the Back Vaping Save Lives campaigns were NOTHING to do with any other dubious websites claiming to be fighting to save your vape.

For the record, Mark is one of the most prominent pro-vape advocates in the UK and indeed the world.

Any website or campaign he is associated with is 110% legit.

So please join the fight to stop the WHO’s grand ban plan and join the thousands of vapers already fighting to make the UK the leading voice in vaping.

You only have to look at what’s happening in the USA right now, what has happened in India and other countries where ignorant governments have simply banned what we all know is a life changing, fun and enjoyable product.

mark oates mark pawsey
Mark Oates and Mark Pawsey MP

Please sign up or donate now to:

And of course, follow the hashtag #BackVapingSaveLives on social media.

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