One million Filipino smokers have turned to safer alternatives

According to foreign reports, a senior executive of pmftc Inc., a Filipino subsidiary of Philip Morris International, said that about 1 million Filipinos have switched to smoke-free alternatives, which prompted the company to further promote technological innovation to achieve a smoke-free future.

Heat Not Burn Stick

Heat Not Burn Device

Dr. Victor Joseph yamat, director of science affairs at pmftc, said there are 16 million smokers in the Philippines, of whom 1 million have switched from traditional smoking to safer alternatives.

Yamat said that means replacing cigarettes with smokeless alternatives, though not without risk, is better than smoking.

Examples of smokeless products are heated tobacco products (HTP) and e-cigarettes or e-cigarettes. HTPs like PMI’s iqos can heat real tobacco without burning.

Yamat said the tobacco heating system heats the tobacco to release nicotine containing vapor without burning the actual tobacco. Compared with cigarettes, it does not produce smoke and ashes.

At the same time, the electronic smoke will evaporate the electronic liquid, and will not produce ash or smoke.

“They only apply to adult smokers who do not want to quit smoking and would otherwise continue to smoke. Let me repeat that the best option a smoker can make is to quit smoking completely and nicotine, “he added.

Yamat cites World Health Organization estimates that there will be 1.1 billion smokers by 2025.

“Our best opportunity to contribute to positive change is clear: we have to innovate and innovate responsibly.” Yamat said.

He shared that PMI invested $8.1 billion in R & D, accounting for 99% of the company’s total R & D expenditure. They now have 1300 smokeless technology patents and 350 peer-reviewed studies, he said.

“PMI, we believe that responsible innovation through science and data will produce solutions that benefit our consumers,” he said.

He added that the company’s research shows that there has been a positive change in the market where iqos is available.

“As of December 2020, we estimate that there are nearly 18 million iqos users, of which 72% (or 13 million) have quit smoking,” yamat said.

“It’s hard to imagine how to achieve a world without cigarettes in time without non combustible alternatives. We hope we can help 16 million smokers in the Philippines. ” He added.

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