Thursday, May 30, 2024

New Zealand’s new crown epidemic alert is reduced to level 2, e-cigarette store reopens


According to foreign reports, since New Zealand has converted the new crown epidemic to a level 2 alert, as long as retailers comply with social alienation measures, e-cigarette stores can be reopened.

Pryor, head of the Vapo and Alt brands, said that in the past few months, our Vapo and Alt online stores have achieved real growth. There is no doubt that many customers will stay online shopping, but we are very confident that physical shopping Those who wo n’t linger. The public will always enjoy shopping, and the tactile factors of traditional retail will not make it unattractive.

New Zealand e-cigarette

New Zealand e-cigarette companies’ sales of starter kits have increased dramatically, which means that many smokers have used this lock-up period to quit smoking.

Pryor recently reported that the starter kit sales of these two companies have increased dramatically, which means that many smokers have used this lock-up period to quit smoking. The good news is that many smokers use blockade devices to quit smoking and save money for health reasons. As our store reopens, we hope to encourage more kiwi smokers to switch careers.

He added that reopening stores has other benefits besides helping people quit smoking. Reopening the Vapo store will not only ensure retail work, but also help more New Zealanders quit smoking and achieve better environmental results. This just shows that the benefits of reopening a store may be much broader than most people think.

Related to this, a 2019 study showed that e-cigarette stores play a key role in supporting smokers to switch to safer alternatives. The title of this research is: I feel like they are welcomed as a small family there, just like I joined a team or something, designed to understand what customers use when they are using e-cigarettes and e-cigarette stores Experience, and the extent to which these shops should and should provide smoking cessation advice.

The researchers conducted a telephone interview with 22 customers recruited in e-cigarette stores in the East Midlands, England, to discuss the participants’ smoking history, the reasons for using e-cigarettes, and the role of e-cigarette stores in their e-cigarette use.

The compiled responses indicate that the interviewees viewed e-cigarettes as a tool for quitting smoking and reported a very positive e-cigarette experience. Participants found that e-cigarette stores are essential for their positive experience because they can access various high-quality products as well as reliable product information and recommendations.

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