New Zealand will ban the purchase of flavored e-cigarettes through convenient distribution channels from August 11

Last August, New Zealand passed a new e-cigarette act, which will prohibit non professional retailers, including convenience stores, supermarkets and gas stations, from selling flavored e-cigarette oil other than menthol, mint and tobacco.

Flavored E-cigarette

The act is called the smoke-free environment and controlled products exemption from fog amendment, and the relevant provisions are as follows:

• it is prohibited to sell atomized products to people under the age of 18.

• prohibit advertising products and encourage people to buy in professional stores.

• flavored e-cigarette products are only allowed to be sold in professional e-cigarette stores. Dairy factories, supermarkets and gas stations are only limited to mint, menthol and tobacco flavors.

• allow exclusive stores to continue to offer member points and discounts.

• no smoking in cars with children.

• enable all retailers to display their products in stores.

• provide a regulatory framework that allows people to smoke indoors or outdoors.

• introduce a safety system to enable the Ministry of health to recall products, suspend products and issue warnings.

According to foreign media reports, the bill has been determined to enter into force on August 11 this year. At that time, thousands of stores across New Zealand will be prohibited from selling e-cigarettes other than tobacco, mint or menthol flavors.

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