Thursday, May 23, 2024

New Zealand government advises smokers to drop cigarettes and pick up vapes


Although the use of electronic cigarettes is banned in more and more public places, the use of electronic cigarettes will soon be promoted by the Ministry of Health as a safer alternative to cigarettes.

An official New Zealand website that provides information and advice on electronic cigarettes will be launched this month and a quit-smoking campaign will be launched in August.

The campaign replaces cigarettes with electronic cigarettes to help smokers quit smoking.

Especially for young Maori women, New Zealand’s total smoking rate is 13.8%, while Maori women’s smoking rate is as high as 32.5%.

The campaign marked a change in the position of the Ministry of Health, which has been cautious about the position of e-cigarettes.

A spokesman said that for smokers who want to quit smoking, “Vaping is a safe way”.

The scientific community agreed that the harm of electronic cigarettes is significantly lower than that of cigarettes, and it is likely to replace cigarettes to quit smoking, but more research is needed to prove it.



It is reported that a man named Danfoster started using electronic cigarettes ten years ago.

It also says that switching from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is not only cheaper, but also seems to solve some health problems.

“I used to get a very serious sinus infection every three months, and now it’s completely gone,” Danfoster said.

He spends about $17 a pack of cigarettes a day, but he now spends up to $35 a week on e-liquids.

Ashburton spokesman Ben Youden said there was still a lot of misunderstanding about e-cigarettes, many people still thought it was as bad as smoking, and research showed that e-cigarettes were 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

Although the initial cost of e-cigarette equipment ranged from $50 to $100, financial gains quickly compensated for that cost.

In more than a year, the cost of using electronic cigarettes is only about 10% of that of cigarettes.

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