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New Points of View in Electronic Cigarette Industry


1. Juul will officially launch Tianmao Flagship Store on September 9.

Recently, according to the electronic cigarette home found that the United States electronic cigarette giant Juul’s Tmall store opened on August 22, the domain name is juul. tmall. com, will officially launch on September 9.

2. New Zealand’s National Promotion of Electronic Cigarettes: To Build a Smoke-Free Country by 2025

The New Zealand government’s smoke-free target is to reduce the smoking rate to less than 5% by 2025. In order to achieve New Zealand’s goal of becoming a smoke-free country by 2025, the New Zealand Public Health Organization has made three recommendations to Parliament:

1、Urging encouragement of the use of electronic cigarette products with minimal hazards。

2、Comprehensive prohibition of sales by 2025

3、More tobacco taxes should be used to promote the promotion of electronic cigarettes and other products and to support poor families。

At present, the New Zealand government has realized that electronic cigarettes will be an important part of this process.

In order to achieve the goal of smoke-free, the government has listened to research opinions from the Royal College of Physicians and the British Medical Council, and decided to welcome steam electronic cigarettes in the hope of saving many lives lost due to smoking-related diseases. The Ministry of Health issued a statement expressing its belief that electronic cigarettes will contribute to the goal of smoke-free in 2025.

Products such as IQOS, which is restricted in many countries, are also supported in New Zealand. Recently, the Wellington Court of New Zealand rejected a case by the country’s health authorities that allowed Firm International to sell its heated tobacco product IQOS in the country. The decision also showed the world New Zealand’s support for electronic tobacco products.

3. Japanese Tobacco Application Patent “Flavor Inhaler”

Recently, according to the State Intellectual Property Office, the patent “Flavor Inhaler” (Application No. CN201680081554.6) applied by Japan Tobacco International Corporation includes: generating multiple generating units of inhaled components by power supplied from batteries; and controlling the supply of electricity to multiple generating units. The control unit of quantity is set on the air flow path from the entrance to the exit. The control unit calculates D1 based on VA and VC, and controls electric power based on D1.

4. Tsinghua University’s research group issued the electronic tobacco blue paper: the industry access system is imperative

The first blue paper of China’s electronic tobacco industry, Report on the Supervision of Electronic Tobacco Industry (2019), compiled by Tsinghua University’s Research Group on Public Health and Technical Supervision, was published in Tsinghua University.

The Blue Paper quotes WHO’s authoritative content on e-cigarette research: In 2014, WHO presented a report to the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Tobacco Control at its sixth session, synthesizing existing research and expert opinions, summarizing the debate and evidence on e-cigarettes in the academic field. Finite property.

The Blue Book strongly recommends the implementation of industry legislation and regulatory system. Specific strategies include: classified supervision of products – for example, nicotine-containing products in fume are different from nicotine-free products such as “atomized coffee”. The most common nicotine atomization systems on the market can be divided into batteries, atomization equipment and smoke bombs, of which batteries and atomization equipment belong. Electronic products, which really contain nicotine, are cigarette bombs, so they should be supervised according to the actual situation of the products. In addition, in the use scenario of production and sales, the whole process management should be carried out.

In addition to the establishment of industry access system, the report specifically proposes that the purpose of regulation should be to improve the overall welfare of society as the primary objective, to protect the health of the majority of residents, and to form a gradual, multi-subject participation in governance. In addition, it is the bottom line and conscience of the industry to let enterprises fulfill their social responsibility and stop selling electronic cigarettes to minors under the age of 18.

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