New Petition Drive Launched by Nebraska Medical Marijuana Supporters

Supporters of medicinal marijuana in Nebraska reopened the petition over the weekend, kicking off their 2022 voting goal.

Just to briefly recap the situation to date.

Nebraska currently does not have a medical marijuana program, and patients do not have other benefits under the current situation. Nebraska’s medical marijuana (initially), after collecting more than 182000 signatures, successfully put an amendment to the use of marijuana by patients in November this year.

But in early September, Nebraska’s Supreme Court ruled that constitutional amendments must be removed from the vote, stating it breached the “single subject” requirement. Immediately after, Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana said it would launch a new 2022 medical cannabis ballot initiative and in late September announced a single sentence constitutional initiative after consulting various legal experts. The wording:

“Persons in the State of Nebraska shall have the right to cannabis in all its forms for medical purposes.”

The group said the new petition language indisputably raised a single subject, making medical marijuana a constitutional right.

Keen to not waste any time, the group began printing petitions for its 2022 medical cannabis initiative last week.

“We were serious when we said we will not stop until cannabis is legal for our sick and suffering Nebraska friends and family,” the group stated.

Then on Saturday local time, volunteers were back out on the street gathering signatures.

“Make no mistake, our opposition will continue to try to stop our efforts, but we cannot give up. That’s exactly what our opponents want us to do,” said the group. “The patients and families of this state who are suffering without safe access to medical cannabis are worth fighting for, and that’s what we intend to keep doing.”

There’s no doubt that support for medical marijuana in the state is incredibly strong – and it’s across a range of demographics.

Proponents of medical marijuana in Nebraska say the number of registered Republicans, Democrats and independents of all ages, as well as from all 93 Nebraska counties, supports the initiative based on an analysis of internal data on signatures submitted in 2020.

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