Monday, July 22, 2024

New No Smoking Logo is Issued by Shenzhen Municipal Tobacco Control Office


Shenzhen people please note that your familiar “no smoking” logo has been upgraded! On October 1 this year, the revised “Regulations on Smoking Control in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone” (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations on tobacco control”) included electronic cigarettes in the scope of tobacco control. For this reason, the Shenzhen Municipal Tobacco Control Office issued the “guidelines on the production and setting of marking lines for tobacco control signs in Shenzhen”, adding electronic cigarette signs on the basis of the original ones, which is still the first in China.

On October 1 this year, the revised regulations on tobacco control came into effect. Article 44 of the Regulations stipulates that “smoking refers to the use of electronic cigarettes, the holding of other tobacco products that are heated or HNB.” In addition, in terms of the definition of tobacco products, the new version of the regulations on tobacco control also makes it clear that tobacco products “refer to all or part of the products and electronic cigarettes produced by tobacco as raw materials for mouth inhalation, sucking, chewing or nose inhalation.”.

In order to enable the public to better understand the control of electronic cigarettes in the new smoke control regulations and improve the efficiency of law enforcement, Shenzhen smoke control office organized experts to redesign and make all kinds of smoke control signs, add electronic cigarette elements to the smoke control signs, and add text descriptions, so that the public can quickly understand the regulations on the control of electronic cigarettes.

The World Health Organization also praised Shenzhen’s practice. Sun Jiani, a tobacco free action technical officer at the World Health Organization’s representative office in China, said it was necessary to use electronic cigarette control signs in Shenzhen.

In Shenzhen, e-cigarettes are also included in the control scope, which means that the sales of e-cigarettes also need to post warning signs according to regulations. For those who violate this provision, the market supervision and administration department shall order them to make corrections within a time limit and impose a fine of 2000 yuan; for those who do not make corrections within the time limit, a fine of 10000 yuan shall be imposed.

In the future, Shenzhen will set a one-year buffer period, and complete the replacement of relevant site signs before December 31, 2020.

It is reported that in order to facilitate the redesign and production of new version of smoke control signs in all places where smoking is prohibited, the legends of various types of smoke control sign templates can be downloaded from the website of Shenzhen Municipal Commission of health and health ( The download path is: Information Disclosure – Information Disclosure Directory – Other – Notices – Guidelines for the production and setting of smoke control signs in Shenzhen (Trial). The city’s tobacco control office will also print a number of new versions of tobacco control signs, which will be distributed to all kinds of non-smoking places through volunteer supervision and training of site managers.

The guidelines for the production and setting of marking lines of smoke control signs in Shenzhen also requires that all kinds of smoke control signs must be clear and visible beyond 5 meters.

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