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Myst Labs releases new product S1 pod system

Every puff is customized


Shenzhen, China, April 8, 2020; San Jose, United States, April 7, 2020 – Leading new tobacco provider Myst Labs held an online global new product launch today. In addition to the latest technology research and development outcome Nicotine X, Myst Labs released the latest product S1. S is Myst Labs’ new product series after P (Premium) and G (Go).

The industrial design of Myst Labs S1 is derived from the IDEO team, the world’s top design team that has served Apple for many years. The main designer has won the Red Dot Design Award many times. In appearance, the overall style of Myst Labs S1 is simple and elegant, inheriting the classic texture, showing the collision of streamline and plaid. At the same time, it adopts ergonomic design to make the mouthpiece and the device completely integrated. The unique Leaning Tower arc design closely fits the lips. Meanwhile, the exterior uses delicate skin-friendly lacquer, which is warm and comfortable.

In terms of technological innovation, Myst Labs S1 pioneered the application of MEMS differential pressure sensor chip technology to replace the traditional airflow switch to monitor the draw strength of the airflow in real time, that is, the negative pressure value generated in the airway, and control the output power of the battery in real time. Thus, the heating power of the e-liquid is controlled in a personalized and stable manner. This means that S1 can intelligently adjust the amount of vapor according to the smoker’s smoking habits.

Myst Labs S1 Pictures:

Liu Yu, Chief Operating Officer of Myst Labs, said, “Based on a large amount of user survey data, we found that smokers have large individual differences in smoking habits. Some people like to take a big mouth and enjoy the impact of big vapor while others are on the contrary. However, the electronic cigarettes in mass production in the factory assembly line use the same vaping resistance, which is difficult to bring users a customized vaping experience. S1 is the first in the industry to apply the MEMS differential pressure sensor chip technology commonly used in intelligent security control systems, hoping that every mouthful inhaled by vapers get ‘private customized’. ”

William Rooney, head of the product and supply chain of VPZ, the UK’s largest e-cigarette specialty chain, said, “I am very impressed with Myst Labs’ excellent product design and quality, and we look forward to more surprises brought by our strategic partner Myst Labs to British consumers. ”

After many times of refining, Myst Labs S1 finally selected four low-key elegant, silky and vitality colors from PANTONE popular colors: pine branch green, midnight blue, coral red, and deep space gray.

It is reported that Myst Labs S1 will be sold for the first time in mainland China, and will enter the UK, Canada, Malaysia and other markets.

Myst Labs S1 Product Launch Pictures:

About Myst Labs

Myst Labs is a new tobacco brand founded by the inventor of nicotine salt, Dr. Chenyue Xing. It is committed to providing low-hazard products that can replace combustible cigarettes for 1 billion smokers and second-hand smokers around the world. Its R & D headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, USA. Myst Labs is an e-liquid research and development laboratory. Adhering to the QbD drug R & D philosophy promoted by the US FDA, it strictly follows the US pharmaceutical production quality management system (GMP) for production and quality management, and has obtained many professional certificates from global authorities & institutions. Myst Labs has launched the world’s first slider mouthpiece cover electronic cigarette P1 and other series products. At present, it has more than 3,000 retail terminal outlets in China, covering 200+ cities across the country, and will expand its market successively in the UK, the United States, Canada, Malaysia and more.

About Chenyue Xing

Chenyue Xing, founder of Myst Labs, Ph.D. in chemical engineering, University of California, female Chinese scientist. She has worked as a scientist in North American pharmaceutical companies such as MAP and has been engaged in the research and development of respiratory medicines, committing to improving human respiratory health. In 2013, she was the chief scientist in JUUL and invented nicotine salt. In 2016, she participated in the development of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) e-cigarette industry standards.

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