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MOTI vape shows in Xi’an Chain Franchise Exhibition


Based in Xi’an and radiating to the northwest, Xi’an Chain Franchise Exhibition with “Northwest entrepreneurship wind vane” title will be grandly opened in Xi’an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center on November 1-3.

As a professional chain franchise exhibition in the China western region, Xi’an Chain Franchise Exhibition has been successfully held for dozens of times, and has become the trusted platform for northwest people to start businesses and find projects. MOTI vape brand was invited to participate in this exhibition, bringing new opportunities for China western entrepreneurs.

MOTI vape shows in Xi'an Chain Franchise Exhibition

To be an tobacco alternative technology, it has always been the original intention of MOTI to “help people change the traditional way of smoking”. MOTI adopts the way of heating and atomizing e-liquid to provide smokers with a healthier way of obtaining nicotine, which does not contain tar and produces no second-hand smoke. Compared with the traditional way of smoking, the harm is reduced by 95%.

MOTI adopts ceramic atomizing core and the unique meta tech heating technology in the industry to ensure that the ceramic foaming rate is at a high level, ensure uniform atomization, reduce the burnt core rate to 1 / 1800, and restore the true smoke taste to the greatest extent. It is one of the best-known pod brand in the market at present.

MOTI team has been working in the field of electronic cigarettes for many years, and has experienced market changes in all stages of electronic cigarettes. MT, the predecessor of MOTI, is the veteran of pod vapes in China. Since 2017, the team has focused on instant smoking electronic cigarettes, which is commonly known as “pod vapes”, and developed and launched two products: “MOTI” (predecessor of MOTI: MT) with carts, and disposable pod. MOJO, the most popular disposable vape at that time, experienced more than 20 micro iterations and 4 comprehensive iterations, and completed the brand and product upgrading of the whole product line in 2018.

moti vape show

The founding team of MOTI technology, the parent company of MOTI, mostly has the background of studying in the United States and France. It has been engaged in the electronic cigarette industry in the United States for nearly 10 years, and many brands founded or co founded are among the top 10 in the electronic cigarette industry in the United States. With rich industry experience and resources, the team launched a new generation of smart vape MOTIS in August 2019.

As an electronic cigarette product, electronic cigarette has simple structure and few components, which seems to be much lower than the manufacturing threshold of mobile phones. But in fact, as an inhalable consumer product, e-cigarettes are frequently used every day. From appearance, touch, operation to taste, every detail always interacts with consumers. Therefore, e-cigarettes is a product that pays great attention to experience, and any slight difference will be observed by consumers.

Rapid iteration of MOTI products, free renewal for life

E-cigarettes are constantly improving and correcting at an extremely fast iteration speed, so as to better adjust the sense of use to meet the needs of consumers. More than 80% of the iterations are micro iterations, which is hard to notice in appearance, and the brand will not be specially released. But it is these micro iterations reduce the probability of product problems and improve the sense of experience.

MOTI knows that for electronic cigarette products, the two biggest pain points are dry burn and vape juice leakage. Through technical iteration, MOTI currently controls the burnt core rate at about 1 / 1500. But the cart leakage is the technical problem of the whole industry. MOTI has been the lowest level in the whole industry in terms of e-liquid leakage rate, and provides free return and exchange for users in terms of after-sales, which greatly improves consumers’ trust in products.

Social image precipitation of MOTI brand

In the 2019 Spring Festival, MOTI and the top IP national film runner up “Wandering earth” made cross-border cooperation, becoming the only official e-cigarette cooperative brand, releasing officially authorized co branded products to pay homage to China’s first hard core science fiction film for high technology, and 3000 Limited Co branded films edition were sold out within two weeks.

In the new season of CBA, MOTI and Marco Polo, the top four teams of CBA, cooperate with each other to make use of the venue advantages of CBA’s young people to accurately correspond to the user group. Throughout the whole season, the market education of “if you don’t smoke, don’t touch e-cigarettes”. Many media platforms including CCTV-5 are broadcasting it.

Development trend and challenge of China’s electronic cigarette market in 2019

MOTI CMO also said: at present, there is still no perfect electronic cigarette product on the market. The problems of e-liquid leakage, burnt, condensation and leakage have not been solved completely, and still need to invest a lot of resources for technical research and product development. Secondly, market education. There is a long way to go before the mature e-cigarette market in the United States and Chinese smokers have a correct understanding of e-cigarettes.

On November 1-3, 2019, in Xi’an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, MOTI met with entrepreneurs at Xi’an Chain Franchise Exhibition. Looking at the global development trend of electronic cigarette industry, MOTI will maintain an annual compound high growth rate of more than 65%. It is estimated that it will reach a market scale of more than 50 billion US dollars in 2025. The market space is very broad. MOTI will invite a large number of Northwest entrepreneurs to participate in the exhibition and learn about MOTI and dig gold together in electronic cigarette industry.

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