MOTI MOJO disposable vape review – flavors work as good as appearance

Appearance: The appearance is the biggest highlight of this product. According to the official description, the design inspiration of this product is OLOID, which can be “rolled” and the most beautiful face. This product won the German Green Product Award, which is an annual award for green creative products initiated by companies in Germany. It is also an international competition for creative and sustainable design products and concepts. At first glance, the appearance of the inside device gave me the impression that the shape is quite unusual. Probably this is the beauty of the irregular arc. Having said that, everything has two sides, and the unusual beauty always brings people some weird associations. As for “shoehorns” and “shoe lasts”, what is the relationship between the traditional working people’s products and MOTI MOJO, please find more fun somewhere else. 10/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance

Leakage: Disposable vapes basically do not have this problem, and this disposable one does not have this problem 10/10

Condensate: Personal vaping has not encountered the situation of condensation. 10/10

Burnt core: Normal frequency vaping doesn’t cause this. 10/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance

Spit back: No spit back found. 10/10

Taste reduction and throat satisfaction: This one-off pod uses an independent e-liquid tank, and the oil-coated cotton is enclosed in the enclosed cabin, which is relatively cleaner and hygienic.

Coke: The nicotine content is 50mg / ml, and the sense of satisfaction of the throat is moderate. Compared with the reloading type, this new product emphasizes the original taste of cola soda at once, and no longer emphasizes the floral fragrance. The unique carbonated taste of Coke has converged and behaved properly. The air bubble feeling is relatively inferior to the ceramic core in this respect because it is a cotton core. This taste is still the consistent style of MOTI, with a high degree of sweetness, supplemented by a weak cooling, thereby expressing the taste of iced cola. The direction of the fragrance is generally consistent with the taste of the cool cola of MOTI pod system. 7.5 / 10

Popsicle: The nicotine content is 50mg / ml, and the throat satisfaction is moderate. The entrance is the perfect old sugar popsicle, the direction is accurate. Continuous smoking of the fragrance is similar to the feeling of banana smoothie, it is the satisfaction of eating old popsicles when I was a child, and the memories of the old days. The sweetness is high and the setting is perfect for this taste, full and rich. The only shortcoming is that the coolness accumulates along with the sweetness and it is greasy. It is recommended to reduce the coolness a bit. 8/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance

Iced pineapple: Nicotine content 50mg / ml, moderate throat hit and satisfaction. The emphasis is on the sweet fragrance of pineapple pulp juice, natural fragrance, the first bite into the lungs is like a full bite of pineapple juice exploded in the mouth. The coolness is low, and the highlight is the sweetness of the pineapple. Great flavor! 9/10

Mung bean smoothie: nicotine content 50mg / ml, moderate throat satisfaction. The direction of sweet mung bean ice dessert is very good. The coolness is above average, and the fragrance stays in the mouth for a long time. 7.5 / 10

Classic tobacco: nicotine content 50mg / ml, strong throat hit. The typical nut tobacco, roasted bean flavor with flue-cured tobacco, does not have an unpleasant tar smell, overall nut aroma is very rich and dominating. I’ m personally not very used to tobacco, but this taste of tobacco does not make me feel unable to vape. 7/10

Endurance: The official data is 1.6ml of e-liquid, 250 mAh battery, can produce about 200 puffs. This item is related to the vaping intensity and frequency and is for reference only. 7/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance


At present, the appearance of homogenization in the pod vape market is serious, either U disk or stylus shape, there is really nothing new. The appearance of the new one-off pod vape of the MOTI is really different. This device has a fascinating and differentiated experience. It is ergonomic in its hand and looks like a spaceship in a science fiction movie. It’s bright. The taste is consistent with the fragrance style route of MOTI’s own starter kit products, and there is not much difference in vaping. I am very interested in consumer feedback after this product is put on the market. I feel that a lot of customers will be gained from this unique appearance. People have strange psychology, and the new MOTI MOJO is worth enjoying. 9/10

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