Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Massive E-cigarette Smuggling Case Uncovered in Turkey


According to recent reports from Turkish media outlet Tunagazete, the Turkish customs enforcement agency has uncovered a significant case of e-cigarette smuggling at Pendik Port in Istanbul. After conducting a thorough inspection of a truck that originated from Germany and was transported via Italy, authorities discovered a staggering 43,200 illegal e-cigarettes.

After the discovery of a suspicious vehicle, law enforcement officials utilized an X-ray machine to conduct a scan of the truck. The scan revealed the presence of suspicious density areas within the truck, despite the official customs declaration stating it carried “batteries.” However, upon conducting an on-site inspection, it was found that there were a significant number of bagged items inside the trailer.

Law enforcement officers ultimately seized 43,200 e-cigarettes, setting a new record for the quantity of e-cigarettes smuggled in Turkey. According to investigations, the market value of these e-cigarettes amounts to approximately 25 million Turkish liras (equivalent to 6.67 million Chinese yuan).

Currently, the prosecutor’s office in the Anatolian region of Turkey has announced that an investigation will be launched into this matter.

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Electronic cigarettes worth 25 million TL were seized.

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