Los Angeles County Bureau of Education filed a lawsuit against Juul, saying it led to the popularity of e-cigarettes on campus

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles County Bureau of Education filed a lawsuit against Juul, an e-cigarette giant, for the popularity of e-cigarettes on campus, according to foreign reports.

According to the Los Angeles County Office of education, the agency’s plans and services to 80 school districts were brought under a coordinated process by the San Diego County Office of education.

The lawsuit said the company played a role in encouraging and disseminating the school’s popular e-cigarettes, damaging the learning environment and interfering with school property and public resources.

“Due to Juul’s electronic cigarette products and atomization technology, we have made incredible progress in reducing teenage smoking and nicotine addiction, which has now been greatly reversed,” police chief Debra duardo said in a written statement. “Although we claim compensation for the cost of the education program, our primary concern is the health of young people.”

The lawsuit seeks compensation for warning students and families of the risk of using electronic cigarettes and for the cost of strengthening personnel monitoring and installing atomization detectors and monitoring systems.

According to LAUSD, the use of e-cigarettes across La unified schools has increased tenfold since 2013.

LAUSD filed a lawsuit against Juul in October 2019.

Glendale, Compton, Anaheim and the San Diego School District have also previously sued e-cigarettes.

“As a public institution committed to improving student life, we must hold Juul accountable for the way it sells unsafe products to the communities we serve and lead.” Duardo said.

On Thursday, KTLA asked Juul for advice.

The company stopped selling fruit and dessert flavors in October in response to growing opposition.

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