Latest research progress of Relx PMTA in the United States: not attractive to non-smokers

According to the latest behavioral research report released by a third-party authority, the willingness of people who have never smoked cigarettes to try relx Yueke electronic atomization products is extremely low (about 1%), which indicates that Yueke is not attractive to non-smokers. Donald Graff, head of International Scientific Affairs at relx, said he plans to use the research report as part of the U.S. tobacco pre marketing application (PMTA).

Based on a cross-sectional study of 6000 participants in the United States, the tobacco and nicotine Behavioral Research Institute found that most of the people willing to try Yueke products were adult smokers, while 99% of the respondents who had never smoked cigarettes refused to try Yueke products.

At the same time, 20%, 18% and 23% of adult smokers hope to use Yueke products to reduce the use of traditional cigarettes, reduce health hazards and completely quit smoking.

The research report was first released at the EU ends Conference on April 20. The European Conference on electronic nicotine delivery systems is one of the most important international electronic nebulizer industry conferences. The conference advocated a scientific orientation to explore the evidence of harm reduction and the direction of policy and regulation formulation of electronic atomizer products.

Whether to attract non-smokers is an important factor to evaluate the impact of new tobacco products on public health. This research report will serve as a reference for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to determine whether Yueke products are suitable for the US market.

Last October, relx Yueke announced the establishment of a team for PMTA preparation of related products. Donald Graff said the entire application process is expected to cost more than $20 million, or about 150 million yuan.

It is understood that in addition to public health impact assessment, Yueke is gradually promoting the production process and product safety assessment of electronic atomizer equipment, atomizing liquid and atomizing bomb required by PMTA. PMTA team members include many experts in toxicology, clinical medicine, FDA project, product development, law, public affairs, etc.

Some experts in the electronic atomizer industry said that if they can pass the PMTA, it will not only mean that the relevant enterprises are qualified and able to compete in the U.S. market, but also mean that they have been recognized by the global stringent food and Drug Administration in product design and manufacturing, quality control, safety and other aspects.

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