KT & G company of South Korea launches new flavor cigarette bomb fit change Q

Recently, KT & G, a Korean tobacco company, launched an upgraded product lil solid 2.0 and a new special cigarette bomb “fit change Q” nationwide. The new product will be launched at Lille flagship stores in Jiangnan, dongdamen, Xincun, xindaolin, Incheon, Weishan, Qingzhou and Busan in Seoul, and will be expanded to national sales offices.

Fiit Change Q

The features of the new fit change Q can be confirmed in the product name and design. “Q” in the name of the product contains the sense of throat striking and clean. The design is composed of radiant image and bright colors. Through inversion, it shows different tastes.

Lin Wangxie, head of KT & gngp business group, said: “fitt change Q will bring greater satisfaction to consumers through the improvement of taste and a clean ending. In the future, it will launch differentiated products reflecting various demands in domestic and overseas markets.”

In addition, KT & G signed a global cooperation contract for “lil” overseas sales with Philip Morris International (PMI) in January this year, proving the brand competitiveness. Currently, the product is sold in Russia and Ukraine, and plans to expand its presence in various countries through cooperation with Philip Morris International.

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