Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Juul personnel changes: co founder and chairman Bowen is replaced


Teresa Sebastian, a senior executive with financial and compliance expertise, will join the board of Juul, an e-cigarette company, and take over as chairman of Bowen, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Sebastian is the chief executive of dominion asset group, an early investment group focused on revitalizing urban areas.

K.C. crosswaite, CEO of Juul labs, said Sebastian would be an independent director and head the company’s audit committee. Sebastian was the first black member of the company’s eight member board. It is reported that Juul added Rona Ambrose, former Canadian health minister, as an independent director in May, making her the first female board member.

Crosswatt also said he would succeed co-founder Adam Bowen, who would lead the product Committee, at the request of the board.

It is understood that when crosswaite joined the company last fall, Bowen became the company’s first chairman.

“We all know that our company is entering a critical period,” crosswatt said. “With the support and supervision of our growing board of directors, we will submit our first PMTA report to the food and drug administration, while continuing to combat the use of e-cigarettes by minors and the transition of adult smokers from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes worldwide.”

Crosswaite said in an email that Sebastian would help Yul ensure his financial discipline, according to the news agency. She served on two other boards and taught corporate compliance, legal risk management and accounting courses at the University of Michigan and Vanderbilt University.

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