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It’s So Happy to Be a Vapor in the UK


I have to say that vapors in the UK are really happy. Because the British government strongly supports smokers to switch to e-cigarettes instead of deliberately suppressing and discrediting e-cigarettes.

Because of this, in the global e-cigarette market, many historic events were born in Britain.

For example, British public health specializes in research on e-cigarettes, releasing research reports that e-cigarettes are down to 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. British BBC News objectively reports on the safety of e-cigarettes.

Moreover, British Independent Party leader, Nigel Faraj, took the lead in smoking e-cigarettes. British Prime Minister, Cameron, publicly indicated support for the development of e-cigarettes in the UK in the Q&A, and the UK also included e-cigarettes in medical insurance to support doctors selling e-cigarette to smokers.

With these, it is enough to envy the e-cigarette users in other countries. However, the UK will further support e-cigarette users.

In order to get e-cigarette users out of the smoking area, the UK wants to set up a dedicated space for e-cigarette users.

The UK’s Department of Public Health (PHE) has issued a report stating that forcing e-cigarette users to use their equipment in smoking areas will undermine their efforts to stop smoking.

In September 2018, in the debate on the e-cigarette report of the British Science and Technology Committee, Scottish National Party member Carol Monahan said that putting e-cigarette users and traditional smokers together is equivalent to “expect a drunk in a bar to give up alcohol”.

Don’t Just Vape

Thanks to this series of policy environments, a recent survey by the UK’s Smoking and Health Action Group shows that the number of e-cigarettes in the UK has increased rapidly, approaching half the number of traditional smokers.

In February to March this year, the British Smoking and Health Action Group surveyed about 12,000 British adults. It is estimated that there have been 3.2 million people in the UK using e-cigarettes, more than four times that of 2012. More than half of the “e-cigarette users” are those who have quit traditional cigarettes, and 40% are trying to stop smoking.

It is no wonder that some British students have said: In the UK, you are embarrassed to go out without an e-cigarette.


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4 years ago

Vaping is very popular in the UK and so it should be with recommendations of it being “at least 95% safer than Smoking” – however there is still a long fight as we are currently limited to 2ml tank size 🙁

4 years ago
Reply to  V8PR UK

It is. Hope everything will be better in the future.

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