Is Vaping Bad For You?

Is vaping bad for you? It’s a question that is asked almost more than any other.

We will start by asking you a quick question:

If you had the choice, would you stand under a huge falling boulder, or step to one side and risk a pebble dropping onto your head?

Health Matters E CIgarettes

It might sound a little crazy but this is sometimes like the argument about whether it’s better to run the proven health – and potentially deadly – hazard of smoking tobacco, or to switch to electronic cigarettes which deliver the nicotine without the carcinogens contained in cigarettes.

Even if you agree that the jury’s still out on any potential health risks associated with e-cigs, you’re almost certain to agree that these are considerably less than those posed by smoking conventional cigarettes.

Sure, some – though not all – electronic cigarettes continue to deliver nicotine in the vapour and this is a drug known to contain toxins and to be habit-forming.

But the dose is considerably less and it stands to reason, therefore, that the risk is much less.

As far as others nearby are concerned, the exposure is only to the harmless vapour of an e-cigarette and not the noxious and harmful second-hand smoke of conventional cigarettes.

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If you want to reduce the risk of damaging your health, therefore, the logical choice seems to be stepping to one side of that almost certain death from the falling boulder and switching to the glancing blow you might get from e-cigs.

Government Blocking The Way

For all those governments proclaiming an interest in improving public health, therefore, you might think that they would be doing all that they can to encourage such a switch from deadly tobacco to the reportedly safer vapour inhaled from an electronic cigarette. But far from it.

A surprising number of governments seem to be doing quite the reverse and giving the manufacturers and users of e-cigs an especially hard time.

This is despite the release from Public Health England that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

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Perhaps this exposes the power of lobbying from the vested interests of the already entrenched tobacco companies, alarmed by the growing popularity of a healthier alternative.

Despite the attempts of some governments to stand in your way, therefore, your health might start thanking you for switching permanently from conventional cigarettes to the electronic kind.

You would probably feel more comfortable about such a switch if you could be confident that all of the ingredients of your e-cig had been identified and were at least subject to some form of regulatory scrutiny.

That’s not the same as saying, of course, that e-cigarettes need be subject to the same control and regulation as conventional tobacco products – simply that the consumer should be given some form of confidence as to the constituent parts of the alternative to “smoke”.

And there are very powerful reasons for making that switch to tobacco-free smoking: about two-thirds of tobacco smokers die at least 10 years before their time.

Giving up smoking by the age of 40 – with the aid of e-cigs, for example – could gain you an extra 9 years of life, according to some estimates; whilst quitting by the age of 30 could buy you an additional 10 years of life.

Too heavy handed an attempt to control and regulate the supply and use of electronic cigarettes, therefore, could deny many smokers the chance to switch to less harmful ways of indulging their pleasurable and satisfying habit.

Those who condemn the e-cigarette because it (may potentially) continue to pose some risk to health are ignoring the fact that there are many pursuits in which we risk some harm – living is never entirely risk-free!

Allowing smokers and existing e-cigarette users the freedom to continue this alternative habit, however, at least gives them the opportunity of reducing the risks to their health.

Check out our e cig research resource for more information on the various studies carried out on electronic cigarettes.

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