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Is hemp end products really in demand?


Recent research results published in “oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology and oral radiology” show that CBD can effectively inhibit oral inflammation and promote oral mucosal wound healing. In 2009, Brazilian researchers published in international immunology showed that CBD could effectively inhibit bone loss and inflammatory response in mice.

At present, there are many marijuana related oral care products abroad, such as Canna Mint CBD toothpaste, cannadent, hemp white tooth paste. In 2015, axim biotechnologies launched a toothpaste and mouthwash containing CBG hemp, which claimed to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, soothing and moth proofing effects.

In January 2020, Colgate acquired the brand Hello Products of natural oral care toothpaste, and launched CBD oral lipstick, toothpaste, slobber and other oral products.

Hello CBD toothpaste: there are three flavors, namely, CBD activated carbon fluoride free toothpaste, CBD tea tree oil fluoride free toothpaste and CBD tea tree oil fluoride toothpaste, with $12.99 each.

Hello CBD mouthwash: two flavors, CBD activated carbon and CBD aloe, are $12.99 per bottle.

Hello products hemp seed oil floss: blocks bacterial reproduction and protects teeth and gums for $6.99 a pack.

By taking advantage of the acquisition, CP has entered the CBD market, and CBD has gradually become a sharp tool for FMCG giants to explore the market.

Cannabis spray

Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, launched the first hemp spray product in cannabis brand SYNC Nano. The quick acting sprays use nano emulsification technology, which can quickly effect and shorten the time of action. Compared with the traditional way of intake, the product can make consumers quickly and fully absorb marijuana. Sublingual spray effect takes effect in 10-20 minutes and lasts for 2-4 hours.

The quick acting spray product contains 15mg/ ml four HNP THC, natural citrus flavor and limonene. It provides fresh and pleasant flavor while cannabinoids can help people to effectively resist anxiety and depression. The spray bottle can control the dosage of the product, which is about 1.5mg four HNP THC, which is easy to maintain and convenient to carry.

Currently, the first products have been sent to Alberta and Saskatchewan for sale and are expected to meet consumers this week. At the same time, Emerald plans to launch CBD quick action spray, which mainly contains 15mg/ ml hemp two phenol CBD, pure natural citrus flavor and limonene.

It is understood that sync nano product is prepared by emerald using a proprietary process. Due to its small size, it can realize nano droplets that are easy to be absorbed by the digestive system. The results showed that the bioavailability and absorption of cannabinoid in vivo were greatly improved compared with the normal way and conventional method of cannabinoid intake. Nanoemulsions are currently used safely in drug delivery, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries to improve the delivery and stability of ingredients.

According to Riaz bandali, President and CEO of emerald, the company has carefully studied the unmet demand of marijuana market, and has used our product development capabilities to create a product line that is attractive to consumers. While emphasizing scientific innovation, it also uses mature nano emulsification technology to provide high-performance technical services for the industry.

Marijuana mask

Ecofibre limited, an Australian producer of hemp food, textiles and composites, successfully acquired tex innovation, a North Carolina textile manufacturing platform, for a $42 million to realize the commercial production line supply chain of hemp black masks and dust covers.

As early as late April, ecofibre announced that its hempblack subsidiary had started distributing masks across the United States to address the growing demand in the coronavirus pandemic. Eric Wang, chief executive officer, said that the acquisition can establish the necessary production infrastructure, which is crucial for the company to sell marijuana products, and has completed the first strategic focus. In the future, it will focus on the completion of the integration and development of the merged marijuana business.

Mitch McConnell, Republican leader of the U.S. Senate, said marijuana masks were “one of the best ways to combat the spread of the covid-19 virus” and strongly advocated the use of marijuana masks to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus during a visit to an ecofibre marijuana factory in Georgetown, Kentucky.

It is understood that ecofibre Limited will complete the future payment of US $10.5 million in cash, US $10.5 in ecofibre shares and up to US $21 million in cash and stock in the next five years. Texinnovate will achieve an EBIT of US $6 million for two consecutive years.

Ecofibre is headquartered in New South Wales, Australia and is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange under the code EOF.

Hemp pet products

Poland’s capital zoo is using CBD to treat a female elephant suffering from depression. It is understood that Elna, the largest female elder among the four elephants in the zoo, died in March, and the mental state of the other three elephants caused a heavy blow to the elephants who used to live in groups. Dr Agnieszka czujkowska, head of the zoo’s rehabilitation department, is trying to treat her with CBD.

Dr Agnieszka czujkowska said that when freze saw herner’s body, he was very sad and depressed. The death of an elderly member in the herd would have a very big impact on the group, which could take months or even years to restore the original harmony.

In order to help the elephant herd, the zoo rehabilitation department staff used CBD to treat them, using CBD to stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that can effectively help fight depression. At the same time, it will not produce any serious side effects on animals, and it is well tolerated.

At present, the first stage of the experiment has been successfully carried out. Saliva, feces and blood samples will be collected from elephants to monitor cortisol levels (cortisol is a hormone produced by humans and some animals under pressure). After receiving CBD administration, it is found that the cortisol level of elephants has decreased, showing a comfortable and peaceful state.

In the future, zoo officials said that CBD treatment could be considered for other animals with similar conditions, such as rhinoceros and bears. It will take 2 years to complete all the reports of this experiment.

Hemp Burger

Sustainable New Zealand plans to launch a hemp based burger next year under its craft meat Co. brand, according to Asia Food navigator. Craft meat is currently on sale in vegetable meat, hamburgers, sausages and other ready to eat foods. Kyran REI, co-founder of the company, said marijuana is rich in nutritional value and high level of protein, and hemp based hamburgers will contain very high dietary fiber, a benefit that other categories of products cannot obtain.

In addition, the company’s marijuana comes from Greenfield industries, a New Zealand medical marijuana manufacturer, which uses 100% locally grown cannabis. At present, the product has received consultation from Singapore and Thailand, hoping to meet the needs of ordinary consumers within a reasonable price range. The product was created by researchers at the reed School of Massey University.

Hemp sneakers

Us sportswear giant Nike and UK retailer size? Jointly launched an air zoom type hemp limited edition hemp textile sneaker. The product was launched on Friday at size? Online stores and stores are officially launched for 140 pounds (US $185).

According to the Hypebeast report, Nike has teamed up with fashion brand St ü ssy to create another hemp shoe, the air force 1. This product is made of hemp fiber. It is a natural Tan upper. It is very comfortable to wear, and has excellent odor and antibacterial effect.

Hemp drink

According to the report of promotion partners, a marijuana market intelligence company, marijuana drinks may pose a threat to the traditional alcoholic beverage industry, and the market is expected to grow to $4 billion in 2024. At present, the hemp Beverage Association CBA was officially established, and the main reasons for the rapid rise of the industry were analyzed.

First of all, well-known brands of the industry have entered into this type of products to reach a strategic partnership. These brands have a wide consumer base and loyalty, once the promotion of hemp drinks, will drive the rapid expansion of the industry.

Second, more and more brands are entering the market. According to headset, a research firm, sales of marijuana drinks increased by 14%, but the market grew by only 1%. Nearly 30% of Americans are willing to try marijuana drinks, and more investors are willing to leave the opportunity to marijuana drinks. Cann, a marijuana beverage company, recently sold 150000 cans of marijuana and received $5m from investment firm imaginary.

Third, for consumers with strong health awareness, hemp beverage is irreplaceable by other products. David pulara, chief marketing officer of Hill Street drinks, said drinks are a very natural way to consume marijuana, both to relax our bodies and to bring health benefits. Such products should remain open and constantly meet the needs of consumers.

Meanwhile, leafreport tested 22 marijuana beverage products sold on the market and found that only four actually contained CBD ingredients. Among the 22 products, 54% of the products had lower CBD content than the advertised content, 81% of the products had a CBD level 10% higher or lower than the advertising content, and 64% of the products had a CBD content 40% higher or lower than the propaganda content.

Leafreport said that there is no positive correlation between the false promotion of CBD content and whether it is a big brand company. There is a serious dose information error phenomenon in the CBD beverage industry. For hemp products, the positive and negative 10% CBD content is a reasonable difference. The content of high-quality CBD products should be within 90% – 110% specified on the label, so as to bring transparency to the development of the industry.

As a new star in the plant extraction industry, industrial hemp extract CBD has become the first product in the sales of natural herbal supplements.

Since the legalization of industrial marijuana in the United States in December 2018, the CBD industry has developed rapidly. According to brightfield group data, the sales of CBD products in the United States in 2019 increased by 706% year-on-year, reaching US $5 billion, and it is predicted that it will reach US $23.7 billion in 2023.

At present, the annual sales volume of industrial hemp products in the world exceeds 10 billion US dollars, which is expected to increase to more than 100 billion US dollars in the next five years, and has the potential to develop into a trillion yuan industry. Especially with the increasing recognition of CBD in many fields such as medicine and health care, the development space of industrial hemp industry will be more and more broad.

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