Thursday, May 23, 2024

Illegal E-cigarettes Seized by Durham Police


According to a report from Chroniclelive on September 13, the Durham Police in the UK have conducted searches and seized illegal cigarettes, tobacco, and e-cigarettes from three stores and a vehicle. The estimated value of these illicit products amounts to approximately £16,000.

Gary Carr, Strategic Enforcement Manager for Durham County Council, recently voiced concerns in the media regarding the negative impact of illicit activities on our community. Carr highlighted that not only does this attract criminals, but it also increases the accessibility of restricted products to minors, while simultaneously harming legitimate businesses and depriving them of profits. He further cautioned that such activities could potentially weaken the tax revenue necessary to support public services.

The police have released figures regarding the quantity of illegal products seized, which include 298 packs of illegal cigarettes with an estimated illicit trade value of £1,490; 11.5 kilograms of hand-rolled cigarettes with a value of £2,760; and 535 e-cigarettes with an estimated worth of £5,350. The total value of these items on the legitimate market is estimated to exceed £16,000. Additionally, suspected proceeds from criminal activity amounting to £3,926.06 in cash were recovered from one of the shops.

Law enforcement officials have called on the public to assist them and the government in exposing the locations where illegal goods are being sold. They encourage anyone who suspects knowledge of the sale of illegal products to report it to the authorities. Additionally, they request consumers to refuse purchasing illegal products and consider the potential consequences of their consumption choices.

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