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Hyde Disposable Vape Review – Hyde Edge Rave Recharge and Hyde Edge Recharge are the best


Hyde disposable vape is the main product of Hyde Vape Company. Since the introduction of Puffbar, disposable e cigs have successfully become one of the fastest growing categories of the all e-cigarettes. At the same time, it is also the most popular e-cigarette among teens. As the main American market, Hyde is now the only disposable vape brand that can compete with Puffbar, just as Puffbar competed with Juul back then.

At present, both online vape shops and offline vape stores in the United States have Hyde disposable vapes. Hyde Vape can achieve such good results, in addition to the good marketing strateges, its high product quality must also be a reason. Please keep reading as next we will introduce Hyde best disposable vape and Hyde best disposable vape flavors.

Best Hyde Disposable Vapes

Opening the Hyde’s official website, we found that there are many popular models on the market already, but which models are Hyde’s best disposable vapes? We will introduce them from two aspects of rechargeable and non-rechargeable. In its rechargeable product line, Hyde’s best disposable e-cigarettes mainly include Hyde MAG Recharge, Hyde Rebel Recharge, Hyde N-bar Recharge, Hyde Edge Rave Recharge, Hyde Icon Recharge, Hyde Retro Rave Recharge, Hyde Edge Recharge.

Among these 7 rechargeable disposable e-cigarettes, I personally like Hyde Edge Rave Recharge and Hyde Edge Recharge the most, because in addition to good taste performance, both of them also have the function of recharging and adjusting airflow. These two products are actually similar in size. The Hyde Edge Rave Recharge disposable vape can vape up to 4,000 puffs, and the Hyde Edge Recharge disposable pod is up to 3,300 puffs. The former can see the stock of E-juice from the transparent mouthpiece, and when smoking the product itself is blinking with colorful lights, which is very colorful and is very suitable for bars and nightclubs and other occasions. The latter uses a two-color design and a rubber oil surface, which feels very comfortable while holding in hands. The mouthpiece of both products are ergonomically designed so that you have no tired feeling for your lip after a long time vaping.

Best Hyde Disposable Vape Flavor

Flavor is usually the most important factor for consumers to buy a disposable vape, and good flavor usually leads to more frequent purchases by consumers. Hyde is one of the disposable e-cigarette brands with the most flavors, but which are best Hyde flavors? The flavor quality generally depends on two factors. The first is the use of vape E-liquid. Disposable electronic cigarettes are usually filled with nicotine salt E-liquid. Compared with the freebase vape juice used in open pod mod, nicotine salt E-juice will bring a stronger throat hit, which can make it easier for those who are dependent on nicotine to obtain enough nicotine satisfaction.

The second is the product airway design. Those disposable e-cigs with better airway design usually give people a better flavor or taste. Poor airway design often causes E-liquid leakage and burnt taste, no one wants to experience that when vaping electronic cigarettes. Personally, I think the best Hyde disposable vape flavors are Blue razz ice, Banana ice, Strawberry ice cream and Sour apple ice. These flavors are with high reduction and make people feel like they are really eating fresh fruits, and these flavors all have a little bit of icy feeling, and it feels cool to take a puff when the weather is hot. If you like these flavors too, I highly recommend that you should try these four Hyde flavors, they are definitely the best flavors of Hyde.

How to Charge Hyde Disposable Vape

I have seen several times in the vaping forums that some newbies do not know how to charge the Hyde disposable e-cigarette. In fact, it is as simple as smoking a cigarette. Hyde rechargeable disposable vapes are all Micro charging ports, so when your Hyde disposable e cigs are less vapor or running out of power, you only need to find a mobile phone charging cable with a Micro interface or a Micro charging cable of other electronic products. Then just charge it.

If your Hyde disposable pod does not have a charging interface, then we do not recommend that you disassemble the product for charging, whether it is Hyde disposable electronic cigarettes or other disposable electronic cigarettes such as Puffbar, Airbar, Cali disposable vapes. Because those disposable e-cigarettes battery that do not support recharging will die once you vaping out of the E-juice, which means you can only buy another new one. If your disposable vape has been vaping for a while, and the LED light keeps flashing or blinking, it is either the battery is dead, or there is an internal problem with the product. To learn more, check out Why is my puff bar blinking.

How to Refill Hyde Disposable Vape

Disposable electronic cigarettes on the market are generally pre-filled with vape juice when they leave the factory, which means that you do not need to refill the E-juice by yourself when you get the product, just vape it. However, there is a small number of people who want to know how to refill Hyde disposable vapes considering environmental and economic reasons.

In fact, most disposable electronic cigarettes can be disassembled and refilled by ourselves, but the sellers will not recommend doing so. There are two main reasons for this. One is that after you vape out the E-juice of the disposable pod, the cotton coil in the product may already have carbon deposits, therefore refilling vape juice may result in a burnt taste. The second is that sellers want buyers to buy new ones as soon as they finish their draws, so that sellers can make more money.

Where to Buy Hyde Disposable Vape

If you want to know where to buy Hyde disposable e-cigarettes, there are probably dozens of answers. At the current, the epidemic is not over, buying Hyde disposable vapes online is a better choice, and many online vape shops also provide free shipping services. If you want to buy disposable electronic cigarettes online, these are the ones I personally recommend. Vapesoucing is a website that I buy often. Although it is an e-cigarette company located in China, they have their own warehouses in the United States. You can buy most of Hyde disposable vapes on Vapesourcing. Another site is Alternativepods, which not only sells a lot of Hyde disposable e cigs, but it’s also relatively cheap.

Disposable Vape Pros and Cons

As one of the most popular vapes in the past two years, disposable electronic cigarettes have both disadvantages and advantages.

Advantages of disposable electronic cigarettes:

Simple to use – Unlike open vape mods, disposable vapes can be puffed at the first time you get them. No need to be refilled with vape juice, no need to replace the atomizer or the coil. Even if you have never used electronic cigarettes, you will not have any operational difficulties when using a disposable electronic cigarette.
More flavor choices – There is a wide range of disposable electronic cigarettes, which means that consumers have more choices when purchasing.
Easy to carry – Disposable electronic cigarettes are usually designed to be small and portable, and will not be a burden on you no matter whether you are at work or traveling.

Disadvantages of disposable e-cigarettes

Not environmentally friendly – All disposable electronic cigarettes have built-in batteries, and they are thrown away after finished, this is very polluting to the environment.
More expensive in the long-term – Compared to refillable vapes, the price of disposable pod will be cheaper when you buy a single time of purchase, but over time, you will find that the consumption of disposable electronic cigarettes is not a small expense.

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