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HQD CUVIE disposable pod review


Chinese disposable pods are difficult to call a discovery, but HQD specialists have definitely brought their production to a new level. A 280-mAh battery and 12 flavors are not the only peculiarities of CUVIE Disposable Pod.

About the manufacturer

HQD is one of the leading manufacturers of disposable devices in the world. The company was founded in 2015. Production facilities are located in Shenzhen (China). Main products are vaping starter kits, pod systems, and disposable vape devices (Comma, Filit, and Kim). Let us review the peculiarities of its disposable pods HQD CUVIE.

HQD CUVIE: appearance

HQD CUVIE: appearance

These compact vape devices are closed disposable pod devices. By their appearance and sizes, they resemble an ordinary lighter, come in blister packs intended for three devices. The package specifies the flavor, ingredients, nicotine concentration, and has an original sticker from the manufacturer.

Depending on flavor traits, the color of devices may differ. Cuvie has very small sizes and fits well in the pocket. At the same time, the device does not require extra maintenance or accessories. The device is bright, sleek, has a hole for vaping on top and a diode on the bottom, which lightens during vaping.

Characteristics of HQD CUVIE

Chinese disposable pods use salt nicotine. One pod contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of ordinary cigarettes.

Sizes: 80×20×12 mm.

Weight: 12 g.

Battery capacity: 280 mAh.

Wattage: 7-12 W.

Capacity: 1.25 ml.

Nicotine concentration: 5% (50 mg).

VG/PG proportion: 50/50.

Three disposable pods from the package are equal to 60 cigarettes. HQD CUVIEs are mainly intended for people that want to quit smoking or take a temporary device in a trip.

Flavor characteristics

HQD CUVIE disposable pod review

One of the basic advantages of HQD CUVIE Disposable Pod over other simple vape devices is the variety of flavors. The manufacturer offers 12 flavors, most of which are fruit and berry flavors (pineapple, orange, grapes, fruit mixture, strawberry). The line also includes flavors of tobacco, menthol, and hazelnut.

According to user feedbacks, flavors are rich and excellently convey originals. Devices produce rather thick and mild vapor.

Distinctive features of HQD CUVIE Disposable Pods

HQD CUVIE disposable pod review

Compact sizes, self-sufficiency, and lack of requirements to maintenance are the distinctive features of these devices. You do not have to charge, adjust the pod, or press any buttons (you will not find them). You can unpack HQD CUVIE and start using straight away, and then dispose of it.

The device is a nice match for people that have decided to give up smoking and are looking for a healthier alternative to ordinary cigarettes and those who cannot use the ordinary vape device for some reasons.

You should take into account that HQD CUVIEs use salt nicotine meaning that they are not good for people that prefer zero nicotine e-liquids.

Where to buy HQD CUVIE

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HQD CUVIE disposable pod is convenient and portable. Suitable for fast and instant vaping needs. It's affordable. Low price as 3 or 4 dollars.HQD CUVIE disposable pod review