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How to prepare for the online Canton Fair in 2020


It is officially announced that the online Canton Fair in 2020 will be held from June 15 to 24. Tencent, as the official designated technical service provider, will provide online technical support and services for the majority of exhibitors. As a foreign trade enterprise and exhibitor, do we just need to wait for the Canton Fair to come Today, I’d like to introduce some methods to you, so that you can gradually get the attention of the purchasers before the Canton Fair! Make full use of the advantages of online marketing to better push Chinese products to the world stage.

How to prepare product pictures? Now, the Internet picture content is in a relatively saturated state, and many people begin to use mobile devices to access the Internet, and people’s attention duration has reached a new low point. So how to make their product pictures fully displayed in a limited time? Are you ready for the 2020 online Canton Fair?

1. Image ranking on Google

According to data from click data traffic companies jumpshot and Moz, Google’s image search share accounts for about 22.6% of the total search volume, and its market share is considerable. Are you ready for the 2020 online Canton Fair?

Many experts believe that if a product can be displayed with professional pictures, it will help reduce customers’ hesitation, so as to improve the order conversion rate and reduce the return rate. This is also an important reason why Google images can bring high quality traffic.

2.Loading speed of website pictures

Even if the Canton Fair official will not do relevant training, we also need to know that to ensure that the image loading speed is fast enough, then the volume of the image is very important. From the perspective of various user experience, in order to ensure the actual demand, we should choose a smaller size image (a smaller KB image) to facilitate the loading.

3. Other considerations for picture selection

Here, it is suggested that the majority of exhibitors use the picture with white background as much as possible in the product picture selection, as shown in the following figure: The reason is that the white background product image will make the whole page look clean and uniform. Moreover, the products will be more prominent, which is very in line with the aesthetic concept of overseas purchasers.

In addition, the product image name must be set accurately and succinctly to facilitate the user’s browsing on the mobile terminal, and improve the accuracy matching of our product in the product search system of the entire online Canton Fair. Therefore, it is very important to lay out the ranking of their product pictures on Google in advance, and optimize the product pictures reasonably. Of course, it is necessary to make some product publicity pictures related to the Canton Fair in advance.

How to prepare the video? If you want to show how effective your product is, there is no better way than video. But video content is available at home, and to a certain extent, it will consume more browsing time of visitors. If it is not long-term trust, it will not watch video, so what should we do? In order to make the video more effective in a short time?

1. Video ranking on Google

If you already have your own product video, can you see if your company’s video is included by Google? Do you have a good ranking? Can you also see how much traffic and orders this video brings to your company?

At the online Canton Fair, all exhibitors will have their own videos, and think about transposition. As a purchaser, how much energy do they have to watch the videos of their peers? Google, as a territory familiar to purchasers, is more likely to give purchasers a sense of trust and familiarity than the previous promotional videos on Google, which is also the reason why [Google videos] can make many independent sellers dull and make a fortune.

2. What is the video content ready for?

Some of the more influential types of marketing videos are mostly customer recommendation, demonstration, product production process, as well as commentary videos with animation. For example, you can start the video by presenting a FAQ and then end it with a product offering solution. It is suggested to prepare two different kinds of videos before the Canton Fair, promote them on social media in advance, and adjust the inappropriate places in time based on data analysis.

3. High video cost

It’s undeniable that there are other cheaper and simpler forms of visual content advertising besides video, but if you refer to the following research data, you will realize that it’s totally worth the extra effort to produce high-quality video.

Compared with reading text content, more than 4 times of the audience prefer to watch product introduction with video. According to a survey by animoto, an American video production company, more than 75% of small and medium-sized business owners and marketers who have used video marketing have confirmed that these videos directly affect their business growth.

Research shows that the conversion rate of web pages containing video has increased by 80% year-on-year.

Just adding the word “video” to the title of an email will increase the open rate by 19% and the click through rate by 65%.

Users’ participation on Facebook increased by 8.7% through Posts uploaded via video.

And the most important point is that the video is not only for the Canton Fair. Once we have our own promotional video, we can still promote it through social media, which is a very worthwhile thing.

How to prepare for the live broadcast? In the online Canton Fair, online live broadcast columns and links will be established, and a 10 × 24-hour online live broadcast room will be set up for each participating enterprise independently. This live broadcast room is not limited by time and space. The enterprise can not only conduct independent face-to-face discussions with merchants online, but also publicize and promote through online live broadcast to a large number of merchants at the same time. Before the exhibition, the Ministry of Commerce will carry out special training for enterprises to improve their live sales ability. In addition, the platform will also provide functions such as watching back on demand, video uploading, interactive communication and sharing to enrich the exhibition forms.

For the exhibitors in the first water trial live broadcast industry, what should they pay attention to?

1. Topic selection planning of live broadcast room

First of all, we need to choose the right anchor. It’s better to be fluent in spoken English, to be calm and natural under the camera. The most important thing is to be familiar with the company’s products. Moreover, the enterprise should make a good shift system to adapt to the time difference of foreign purchasers. Live broadcast personnel should actively promote and show their own products, avoid the awkward situation of speechless, formulate live broadcast content in advance, and conduct preliminary rehearsal.

2. Equipment of live broadcast room

Since live broadcasting is required, the equipment is also required. For the background decoration of live broadcasting room, please give priority to the characteristics of your own products, but also avoid the mess. Meanwhile, good radio equipment, lighting, mobile phone, computer and iPad will be good bonus items.

3. How to retain useful value information?

We need to have the ability to identify people coming and going in the live room. We know that the live broadcast is an important way of drainage. We can use scripts to guide visitors to leave their contact information or guide customers to enter their own official website for browsing. By browsing the track, connection method and the powerful function of AI user portrait, we can easily master this purchaser Even if there is no order at the Canton Fair, it will be an important potential customer for the enterprise in the future. If the independent station official website + social media marketing + Google promotion are the three carriages to pull foreign trade enterprises out of the siege, then image display, video marketing, live delivery and other forms are the necessary changes made by the online Canton Fair, and the quality and value output of each form of publicity will directly affect the achievements of many foreign trade enterprises in 2020. This article reprints, if has the infringement please contact us to delete.

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