How often does the electronic cigarette coil change

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Atomizers can be divided into “sub-ohm atomizers” and “RBA rebuildable atomizers”. Correspondingly, coil are also divided into “mesh coils” and “RBA coil” . “mesh coil” refers to the coils that is uniformly processed and manufactured by the factory, and the vaper can directly replace it when purchased; the “RBA coil” is made by the user using heating wire, cotton and other materials.

Generally speaking, the lifespan of the mesh coil should be about 7 days to half a month. However, the lifespan of the coil is also very different due to the different frequencies and e-liquid used by each vaper.

RBA’s coil is determined by the use habits of each vaper. For example, some like to change it once a day, while others change it in 3-5 days, half a month, or even a month. Generally, the more frequent the frequency of replacement is, and the longer the lifespan of the coil is.

Below are the factors affecting the lifespan of the coils

Everyone’s usage habits and pursuit of experience effects determine the service lifespan of the coils. So, what are these factors?

A. Power.

The acoil has a certain range of tolerable power. If the output power set by the user is too high, the high temperature generated by the coil will excessively evaporate the e-liquid, and the surrounding cotton will not have time to replenish the e-juice, which will lead to “sticky core” and thus scrapped.

B. E-liquid.

The higher the sugar content, the easier it is to “carbon deposit”. That is, the coil forms a black substance on the coil while atomizing the e-liquid, which will affect the heating efficiency of the coil and the flavor of the vaporized smoke, which will reduce the taste and performance of the atomizer, which is similar to a “paste core”.

C. Not “run the core”.

Before using a new coil, you need to drop an appropriate amount of vape juice into the cotton around the coil to soak the cotton, that is, “moisten the core”. This is to facilitate the coils to absorb the e-liquid more smoothly during the formal use process. It usually takes more than 15 minutes to experience the non-lubricated core directly into the e-liquid, otherwise, it is easy to “stuff the core”.

D. High VG e-liquid.

The main reason is that the e-liquid is viscous and has poor fluidity, which reduces the oil-conducting performance of the coils, thereby causing the “paste core” to reduce the service life.

There is no fixed replacement cycle for the coils. Vapers can judge whether they need to be replaced based on their own experience:

A. Judging the taste of e-liquid. When the e-liquid tastes worse, mixed with a hint of mushy (burnt cotton smell), and even has a “spicy voice” sensation. Check out whether the coils core is “sticky”. If it happens, it needs to be replaced.

B. Check out the inside of the coils. You can remove the tank and check out the inside of the coils to see if the cotton around the coil is burnt, discolored, or carbon deposits, and decide whether to replace it according to the situation.

Sum up

The lifespan of the coils is mainly determined by the e-liquid and power. Do not use excessive power. Reasonably pursue “high sugar content and high VG” e-liquid. Wetting the core before using it can effectively extend the lifespan of the atomizer. Although “carbon accumulation” and “paste core” are inevitable, they should be minimized. In addition, correct disassembly and assembly of the atomizer and timely cleaning of the coils can also extend the lifespan of the coils, thereby reducing the cost of use.

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